♥ Welcome to Heart Notes from Honduras ♥

Welcome to our blog.  We’re excited you’ve come for a visit. This blog is about our family as three of us get ready to move to the beautiful country of Honduras.  We’ll be working to help those in need by building houses, feeding and clothing the poor and helping folks learn how to lift themselves out of poverty.  Take a look around and  you’ll see what we plan to do.  Soon these blogs will be written from Honduras, but for now, we’re just writing about what’s going on in our lives to prepare to move to our new home.  Enjoy!!!

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One response to “♥ Welcome to Heart Notes from Honduras ♥

  1. Jay Abels

    I had not realized that you were headed to Honduras. It is a beautiful country. I was there with a short term group just a week before the coup last summer. I felt no unrest among the people. It sounds like you will also be ministering to the people who did no push the take over. May God bless your efforts there.
    It isn’t a really big country, but where exactly will you be working?

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