Count Down Has Begun


… ten days and counting.

Life is so full of mixed emotions and we’re in the middle of some now. If you have visited ROAD TO HONDURAS, or gotten a message from the Page, you will know we now have tickets for our move to Honduras – Happy! We will be leaving our friends and family here in the Yadkinville area – Sad.

It’s been a long time of waiting for all to fall into place – not that everything has fallen into place as we originally expected. There are some things that will be left undone, there is some money not raised, and we will handle situations a little differently than we had anticipated. All the same, I believe it is all good. There have been some excellent surprises and wonderful developments.

A little over a year ago saw us finishing up about 7 ½ years at the Archdale congregation. Love them! We’ve been here at Yadkinville right at a year now. And before we know it we’ll be heading out for a new ministry where we anticipate living and working indefinitely. This year of ‘in-between’ has been so good for us. I love small, tight congregations of the Lord’s people. We’ve been in this church family that radiates love and compassion. We have shared happy and sorrowful times. We have grown in the Lord with and along side of these precious brothers and sisters. I am so happy we were here – every bit of this year.

A little over a year ago we didn’t know the Father had future plans for us to be a part of the work in Honduras. He knew we have an on-going love for foreign mission work, and that our emotions run deep for the people of Honduras. Marc and Terri knew that as well – and additionally, that we had a pretty good handle on the Spanish language plus years of experience in a 3rd world country. Even though we will miss our church family here we are very grateful Marc thought of us and put that call and request out for Lowell and us to come join him in the work in Santa Ana.

February 16, 2010 we will fly out of Charlotte, NC at 6 a.m. and arrive in our adopted country by 11 that same morning. Considering all the long hours of travel involved in us going and coming from Nigeria – 2 long flights with an extended layover in between, this seems kind of odd but, definitely nice, to happen all in one morning.

We ask for your prayers in our final preparations and safety in our trip. We also beseech prayers for our church family in Yadkinville as they are in the process of considering men for the pulpit position. We are confident God, the Father, is in the middle of all this and will continue to guide us and direct our steps as we all seek to fulfill His will on earth.

So, yes, life is full of mixed emotions … happy, sad, excited, apprehensive … not really any negative ones – just anticipatory, I guess, and a little intense. Ah, life … you are good and God is great.


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