First Full Day in Honduras (LAW)

Jacob and I went to the dump yesterday with Luis for the weekly feeding. We had a large pressure cooker of rice and another of beans.  There were also tortillas and pure water.  The day started out as usual here in Honduras.  There was a problem we had to attend to first as Dorian, who was taking the youngest Casa child to the doctor had been stopped and was being held by the police.  Dorian is not Honduran and he was driving Marc’s car and the police were asking why he was driving a car that wasn’t his.  Luis was heading in that direction when we saw Dorian drive away.  Milton had shown up and explained things to the police and they released Dorian.  I doubt he made it to his appointment on time but people are used to that here.

We arrived at the dump around noon.  Mark Connell and a couple of other people were there with him.  They got into the back of the pickup and began dishing out plates of rice and beans to those who lined up for the meal.  Jacob and I started giving out the water.  Water comes in little bags here and you just bite the corner off and drink.  Several folks were using the water to wash their hands.  Their hands were what caught my attention.  The people at the dump go through the trash for a living.  You can only imagine how filthy their hands must get.  I wished I had a giant tub of Gojo to use to let them wash their hands before they ate but it just isn’t possible to take everything we would want.

One of the strange things about the dump is that there are cows going through the trash as well.  I asked one of the men what the cows were looking for and he said naranjas (oranges) or any other fruits.  So there are cows, dogs, vultures and people going through this trash together.  It has to be one of the sadder things to see in this country but there are still smiles and thank yous and conversation.  Life goes on even at the dump.

It was good to see Mark Connell and his old Jeep again.  Mark gave me a short tour of Tegucigalpa the first time I arrived back in 2004.  I still remember the water marks on the buildings showing how high the water had risen when hurricane Mitch struck the country.  Mark and Lori are doing a good work here with Mi Esperanza helping women learn a trade or start a business that will help lift them out of poverty.

After the dump, we stopped by the school for the deaf to pick up Rosi.  She’s a nine year old who lives here at Casa de Esperanza.  I know a few signs so we are able to communicate some as we ate lunch (Honduran – not that fast food junk).  We then stopped by the airport and picked up two bags that didn’t arrive when we did.  I was glad to see those. Robin went out looking at houses for rent.  She found an interesting one that she can tell you about.  Its a place some lady turned into a bird preserve.  Robin said its quite pretty but tiny.  She was impressed with another house she saw.  It needs some work but would be a great place to have the church members over for fellowships.  I’ll let her tell you later because she’s filling my ear as I’m trying to type this.

Thanks to all of you who helped get us here!!!!!


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  1. I’m glad y’all are there and already busy working and helping. I miss y’all already and am really hoping we can make a trip down there sometime this year. LOVE you guys!!

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