No More Count-down …

It seems like only yesterday that we were still counting down for take-off to Honduras – and now we are beginning our 5th day here – amazing. We are settling into life here on the campus of Casa de Esperanza … the children have their routines which leads to us having routines as well … a good thing. We know this is our temporary home but it is the best way to begin! We’ve been a part of morning devotionals, went to Thursday evening Bible study with the church here and have been able to run errands with Karen, Dorian, Luis, or Marc …it has been a good immersion into the culture.

There are a number of people who are helping us look for a house to rent – Dorian, Marc, and Richard to name a few. Richard is the minister in a nearby town of Ojojona – he and his wife (whose name I can’t remember) have oodles of people looking for us as well. I have seen and been inside about 5 – 2 of which we could make work. One in particular is my heart’s desire and now, Lowell and Jake have seen the land and the outside, they really like it too. There is plenty of space for gatherings – of church folks, the youth group, visitors that come in … just amazing possibilities to put to great use! We haven’t been able to get in touch with the owners yet. So, the big prayer request is this – that we’ll be able to rent the house and land just outside of town.

Today, being Saturday, sees us with a little different schedule with the kids – no school – therefore, everything is more relaxed. Also, we’ll be heading into Tegucigalpa with Marc to retrieve one of the Torch trucks for us to use until we get our own vehicle. This means that Lowell will be experiencing his initiation into Honduran driving – oh, yeah – fun times to come. Also, since we’re in the city, Jake will go with Marc and about 5 or 6 Hondurans to a movie, I get to go to a ‘big’ store in Teguc and get a few things I can’t find here at our little stores in town (pulperias). And the Santa Ana youth have their weekly meeting today. Tomorrow afternoon there is a pick-up game of futball (soccer) at Baxter Institute (a preacher-training school) and Jake can go to that as well. Wow, nothing like being thrown into the culture really quick … however, because of summer Torch groups coming, almost everyone Jacob is exposed to knows a smattering of English and they love being his teachers in Spanish! So, it is so good to be here.

We know there are busy times ahead … Lowell and I have each been invited to work in certain areas … him with feeding programs, and teaching and me with the ladies of the Santa Ana and the community kindergarten, and of course, we are learning the ropes with Casa so we can help as needed in whatever capacity we can. That’s all for today but I am looking forward to sharing a few fun stories of our trip here – so, stay tuned! God is very good, and we thank all you for including us in your prayers. We know he is answering them in ways that will continue to amaze us. Know that you are in our prayers as well. You are loved and carried in our hearts day by day.


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