Excursion to the Beach

The church members at Santa Ana take a trip to the beach each year just before the Easter holidays. We weren’t sure what to expect but wanted to be a part of the trip. Unfortunately both Robin and Jacob got sick the day before and couldn’t go. Robin and I had each been assigned two of the Casa children to watch over and I was given the task of watching Brayan and Fernando. They were good the whole time so it wasn’t too big of a task except for just trying to keep them from wandering off in the crowd.

We left Santa Ana at 5:30 in the morning. The bus ride was the scariest part of the whole trip. Riding in a bus here is an experience that can’t be described. It has to be experienced. All the Casa kids were super excited about the trip. They saw a dam and were all excited and shouting about that. Then they saw a river and were carrying on about it. Then they saw the ocean and went a little crazy.

We arrived at the dock and got in line to enter the ferry boat. It was kind of like a bus in that the idea is to pack it so tight no one can move and then we are ready to go. The island looked like a mountain jutting up out of the water. We traveled about thirty minutes and unloaded at the beach, carried our stuff to the other end and set up for the day. We had a short worship service and then let the children head out into the water. Did I mention that very few people here can swim? I was glad that someone had brought several floaty toys for the kids. I stayed in the water most of the day for two reasons. It was the best way not to get sunburned and I could watch Brayan and Fernando better from that angle. With all the kids from Casa and all the other ones from the church it was kind of hard to find them in the crowd but once I realized that they were being smart about where they were going I could rest okay knowing they weren’t going to do anything crazy. The youth group had a great time and I hated that Jacob wasn’t there to be part of the fun. Maybe we’ll just take a trip with the youth group soon so he and Robin get to enjoy the beach.

We had a long day. The trip back was pretty quiet as everyone was worn out.

The funniest thing that happened was that one of the little Casa boys came to me and said he had to go pee. I said, “There’s a great big ocean out there. Just go.” So he went down to where he was knee deep in the water and pulled down his swim suit and went. I later told him he didn’t have to pull his pants down because the ocean would clean his pants. Oh, the things we have to teach our boys! Now, if he ever goes to a swimming pool, I’ll have to un-teach him what I taught him at the ocean.


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  1. Sounds like a fun, exhausting time. 🙂

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