The New Beginning of Notes !!

Heart Notes from Honduras … man,wasn’t even sure I could figure out how to get back on here … after 5 months I kind of feel like I am starting over in the blog world. Hooray for internet at our home – a little slow perhaps, but oh, so appreciated.

I have lots of ideas for notes on here. We are exposed to so many stories on a daily basis and along with that, so many emotions and feelings. We are experiencing adventures and ‘mis-adventures’ in missions and we want to share it all. Our hearts are in a constant symphony of ups and downs, elation and despair, joy and sorrow, happiness and sadness … I hope you enjoy your moments with us.

Before I go into the past I want to share notes from our most recent times here.

The last couple of days was such a tumble of emotions – that’s what we experience when one or several groups of people leave and others come in. You see, it’s not ‘groups’ who come and go – it’s individuals who each have their own story, their own contribution, their own wonderful uniqueness of who they are and how they not only touch our lives, but the various lives of the Hondurans who are privileged to spend time with them. Will and Brittany and their group from LA and Wesley the Starkville people and the various ones who joined up with these groups from their respective places around the country – Kansas, CA, NC … so many wonderful, fabulous brothers and sisters in Christ – what a family!! The singing, in and of itself, has been a taste of heaven!

The 3 of us participated in a number of good things, including several big market days and food give-aways (which is always so cool!) and then, too, Lowell and Jake worked mainly with house building and finishing up the mini futbol field at Casa – hard, tough work but the reward of seeing the thankfulness of the people who benefit outweighs any difficulty of pain and tiredness. I am always impressed at the stamina of those who give it up to spend a long day shoveling dirt, mixing concrete, moving blocks or carrying wood and tin. Amazing, incredible, hardworking body of Christ … coming together as one to make ‘it’ happen.

A couple of times each week I get to participate in groups going to the Hospital Escuela – wow, they are precious moments. I love seeing and being not only the patients but also the staff who work there. They are to be commended for their hard work and devotion. We’ve shared lots of good ‘stuff’ and even better times – games, songs, laughter, hugs, prayers – all so wonderful. The H. E. groups have ranged in number from 12 to 19 and this has been ideal for balancing out numbers of who goes where and the time spent in each ward. God orchestrated some beautiful encounters. We have been able to share not just toys but also, layette bags for newborns, sheets, blankets, towels and washcloths, toiletries, and clothing. The looks and words of appreciation are so heartfelt and we’ve been humbled by the sweetness and gratitude of so many. I wish I could name each one individually because all who shared themselves with the kids and families at H.E. is now a part of my heart too … but, they’re have been close to 80 of you, so, just know, you made a difference!

Yesterday, after worshiping with our wonderful Santa Ana church, Marc had a large group deliver chicken to the parents and family of the kiddos at the Hospital – these meal give-aways are so appreciated by these folks! It is one of my favorite things to be a part of … however, we had other items on our day’s agenda. And this is a story in itself.

For now, just know, people who have come and gone, we miss you so much already, but thank God for the treasured way you can live in our hearts. Also, thank God for modern technology and facebook!!


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