Seeing Jesus …

Way back, over 6 years ago, our family of six made our 1st trip to Honduras with Terry Reeves and others from the Carolinas … we had our first inside view of TORCH ministries and it was great in lots of ways … in fact, we were so impressed that it began a summer tradition of one, some, or all of us making mission trips to Honduras. This initial trip was when we were exposed to one of the customs of I guess all the TORCH groups practice and we have come to love it. At the end of the day we commonly have a devotional and before closing, the various ones on the teams have a time to reflect on “where did you see Jesus today?” If one desires, he or she can share with the group just where or in who, they saw Jesus that day. This usually guarantees that the day will end in tears, maybe laughter, but for sure, in thankfulness.

One very cool thing Lowell did was take this activity home with us after our 1st mission trip here – and we used it over and over with our local congregation. You know, of course, we see Jesus everywhere in the people all around us, if only we open our eyes to his presence.

But, for us in the here and now … over the past few months we were repeatedly exposed to interesting situations and reactions of our teammates. Definitely, throughout the summer, well, even before the summer began, I saw Jesus in not only people but circumstances. I will be sharing a series of writings on where we saw Jesus … believe me, our Lord and Savior is alive and well and when given the opportunity, HE will shine in this dark world.

Wow, I just counted up and I have notes on about 15 people/situations where I saw Jesus over the last weeks. I am sure more and more will come to mind as I review and relive the highlights.


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