Seeing Jesus in Jacob

Seeing Jesus in one’s own son is a pretty heady thing. I guess I will always be impressed with our unpretentious Jake because of so many things but first and foremost is his acceptance of his Dad’s fulfilling the dream of being a missionary. Not too many 16 years old kids are approached by their parents with the option of moving to a 3rd world country and when he was, he treated the decision-making time thoughtfully and gave it the thumbs up. If Jacob would have reacted negatively or just had the gut feeling of not wanting to be here or a part of this, then, undoubtedly, we would be stateside at some congregation instead of ‘left behind’ here in Santa Ana, Honduras. (all the groups are gone now, specifically, Michael – oh, no!)

Through the weeks the teams have been here I have overheard remarks to Jake about how cool it is to live here and although the time here does have its high points the reality is, it’s not always cool. It wasn’t cool to be torn from his friends, church activities with kids he can freely communicate with, from American foods, and just all the every day stuff that most American teens grow up with and enjoy. It’s not cool to have to live with electricity and water that comes and goes on a daily basis.  However, Jacob is living here and is doing a great job at being an American teen in Honduras. Given the opportunity, he works as hard as any man twice his age, gets out of his comfort zone every day to be a part of each and every part of the work here.

Jacob is a quiet guy – like his Dad. But he’s not necessarily shy in that he is bold enough to be a part of situations that are a little different than you might expect … And, in his here and now, that is basically all the time! He is adamant about being on time to whatever activity he may be involved in whether it’s just a regular church event or most especially something with ‘los jovenes’ – the young people’s group at the Santa Ana and Ojojona churches. I see Jesus in Jake’s boldness of purposefully being a part of circumstances that are not necessarily of his choosing and doing so with an excellent attitude. He does uncomfortable stuff every day with a willing heart and uncomplaining spirit. I see Jesus every day in Jake.

Jake is responsible. Regressing back to our initial conversations concerning coming to Honduras at all – his first questions were not about himself but for his pets – 3 of them – and what was to become of them. Well, this is a story in and of itself, but suffice it to say that in taking the responsibility of his pets coming, within the space of less than 2 weeks, Jake, with the help of friends and acquaintances, had raised over $800 to insure that his pets would be a part of his new life in Honduras. I see Jesus in Jake taking on responsibility not in just this situation but, over and over again.

Well, I am a Mom and as such could relate story after story where I saw and see Jesus personified in our son, Jacob. A million thanks to Jake for a willing heart … to come along for the ride as we serve the people of Honduras in a full time way. Definitely not an easy thing for a fella of quiet personality … quiet, that is until you get to know him – then, stand back and be prepared to be surprised! There’s a lot of laughter in our home!

Life is way cool when we’re seeing Jesus in Jake.


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