Fingerprints of the Father

Fingerprints of the Father …

“God’s fingerprints are everywhere …

Just to show how much He cares”

This series is to share where we have seen the Father’s hand in the circumstances of our lives. I like to think of our lives as a story … we each have amazing, interesting, sometimes unbelievable scripts that are being written day by day. I believe when we let the Father have his way, let him lead us, then that’s when the story gets to the incredible parts! That’s when find yourself reacting with thoughts like: No way, can you believe that just worked out! Wow, did you see how that unfolded? Oh, heavens! Can you even believe that just happened?!?!

So, even though this song is generally used to teach the concept of creation to a young audience, it was brought to my attention recently when we had the groups here. Marc led it as a “good morning, time to wake up” song … the fingerprints of God is what I want to concentrate on and the fact that we not just see God’s hand in the physical creation around us but that He is continuing to create … through us … the very fabric of our lives are interwoven with the threads from our Father’s fingers.

HIP HIP HOORAY Writer – Mary Rice Hopkins


In the beginning God made the sea

And the forest filled with trees

He made the mountains up so high

On the very top He placed the sky


Hip hip hip hippopotamus

Hip hip hooray, God made all of us

Hip hip hip hippopotamus

Hip hip hooray, He made all of us

God’s fingerprints are everywhere

Just to show how much He cares

But in between He had loads of fun

He made a hippo who weighs a ton

(Repeat Chorus)

God made the ground to stand upon

To hold the water in the ponds

Many kinds, He made everyone

But some things He just made for fun

(Repeat Chorus)

Creation sings of His praise

The sparrow and the tiny babe

We can sing and say well done

But some things He just made for fun

(Repeat Chorus)


It’s especially exciting when you find out God’s has been guiding you and someone else’s path or story to intertwine and you realize … You are an answer to someone’s prayer!

It’s true, it’s undeniable and I have seen in over and over in our life. I believe if you ask, even plead, for the Lord’s intervention and/or guidance then in one way or another, you are in for a heaven-sent surprise. Life may not turn out as you anticipated in your own dreams but, when led and directed by the Father – then, wow, watch out – you could be in for an awe-inspiring story!


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