Dr. John, You Were An Answer to Prayer!

So, many of you who know a little of our story know we came to Honduras with pets. Mark T. had gotten his Skillet here so, no problem-o, we could get ours here too. Well, the long and short of that story is – it sure wasn’t easy but God’s hand was surely in the middle of it.

We came knowing our 9 year old, Sharpei/Golden Retriever, Izzy, had a cyst right below her left hip. Her stateside Vet. assured us her gut instinct was that it was a benign cyst and very removable and no rush. Once we got here our budget was tighter than we thought it would be and seeking out a Honduran Vet, and the whole surgery aspect seemed harder and harder to get done. Well, as the weeks passed we realized the cyst was growing little by little but then this summer, within a 2 week period, wow, it like doubled in size! Worry set in and the knowledge that this had to be taken care of.

I prayed hard about it and knew God would have a hand in it. In fact, I dreamed Stacey and some mystery person actually performed the surgery on our dining room table. Stacey is here for a year working at Casa with the kids and in her stateside life was a veterinarian assistant for 7 years – she had been keeping close check on Izzy and assured me she would help with the surgery when ever but would not dream of attempting it on her own. Okay, so we have an assistant – how cool is that?

Well, here is where it gets even better. Our dear friend and sister in the faith, Maria Phillips, came again this year but also with her came an amazing group from Jacksonville, Illinois. The first day as I am meandering around meeting people I hear – “hello Robin, you probably don’t remember me but I met you when you and your son brought your load for the shipment to Jacksonville…” so, I sit down and get re-acquainted with Dr. John Bourn, who just happened to be a Veterinarian! Lowell, Dr. John and I make casual conversation about his practice, about John Herriot books and we learn his practice includes all animals – farm and domestic. He actually brought surgical equipment with him and all he needed (anesthesia, syringes, etc) in case he was called upon. I proceed to tell him about Izzy and after coming to the house to take a look at her he agrees to spend his Sunday afternoon and take care of her surgery!

Also in the Jacksonville group is Maria’s daughter, Emily, who is in nursing school and has just finished up working in emergency – she along with Stacey will be assisting him.

So, on a Sunday afternoon after church services in Santa Ana we had Maria, her girls, Amanda and Emily, John, and our dear friend and brother, Dave Arny, over for lunch – and then spent the next few hours taking care of Izzy. Maria and I actually enjoyed sitting on the upper veranda while the surgery took place on the lower – they did indeed use the dining room table – just moved it outside and covered it with a tarp. Dr. John had figured it would all take a couple of hours which is exactly how it was. We were doing the surgery outside because of the lighting would be better – however the ever-present clouds rolled in and we supplemented with Jacob’s desk light – otherwise, every thing went superbly!

Well, some may say God really doesn’t take into the account the details of our life – much less down to taking care of our pets but I know every good and perfect gift comes from the Father above. I know I prayed with the confidence that we would get Izzy taken care of. Therefore, I believe he brought these amazing people to our house! In fellowship, in one of life fortuitous stories – we were apart of the unfolding of the providence of God – all to take care of a dog.

John, Stacey, Emily – you were an answer to prayers – and of course, Maria, Amanda, Dave, Richard and Yesinia, Lowell, Jacob and I completed the script and we saw the Fingerprints of the Father!

Proverbs 12:10
A righteous man cares for the needs of his

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