News of Our Move to Santa Rosa de Copan

Robin, Jacob and I just returned from a visit with Phil and Donna Waldron and their two children, Harrison and Laura, in Santa Rosa de Copan in the western part of Honduras.  We are extremely excited about what we saw there and have been praying about an offer that was made to us about joining the work.

The Waldrons spent several successful years in Mexico.  Many people are familiar with the work they did there.  Among other things there were five hundred baptisms during the five years they were a part of that work.  Now they are working with a team of three Honduran couples, a young man, and the church at Santa Rosa de Copan.  They have vision, they have excitement and they have a PLAN!  They are going to plant churches and teach them to plant churches with an emphasis on the six “states” in western Honduras called “Occidente.”  The movement they are beginning may very well continue throughout Honduras.  At least, this is their dream and prayer.

These are not just dreams, though, they have worked together to plan how this will happen.  There is now a strong and active church in Santa Rosa.  We worshiped with them the Sunday we were there.  The church has caught the same vision as the team.  We have not seen a church more excited about what God is going to accomplish than this one is.  The singing at this congregation was the best we’ve heard here in Honduras and was better than many places we’ve attended in the USA.  They are on fire!  There is something going on four or five nights of the week.  They are growing and reaching out to others with the gospel.

We were also able to attend the inauguration of CREO, a school to train men to carry the gospel and the vision back to their home congregations.  Ten men started their two year and three month studies during our visit.  They will attend classes during the week but are expected to return to their home congregation each weekend.  This is done for two reasons – to help the local church but also to encourage the student to return to his home when he graduates.

Phil and I visited one of these local congregations on Sunday.  We met in the front room of someone’s home and it was packed to overflowing.  A year ago there were only a handful of people that met here.  Now the congregation is excited about the possibilities of impacting their community with the gospel.  On one of the Saturdays we also visited another congregation again meeting in the home of one of the members.  Church members from several congregations came to canvas the community and invite people to become a part of this growing church.  There are several of these congregations in existence and I’m sure each has the same excitement I saw at these two.

The following is where we, the Whites, fit into this plan.  Robin and I noticed even before we moved to Honduras what a terrible problem exists here in relation to marriages.  There are very few people married.  The culture has developed into a mentality that living together without marriage is normal.  Men do not want to make the commitment and women don’t expect them to do so.  Infidelity is rampant.  The Waldrons and we understand what an impediment this is to the maturity and growth of the church.  Add to that the promiscuity of the youth and you have a recipe for failure as far as the church is concerned.  Our task, not an easy one, is to begin a program of teaching to change this.  We will concentrate on teaching the church membership but hopefully will branch out to those not yet in the church.  We will teach the sanctity of marriage through the use of preaching, seminars, pre-marital counseling sessions and any other means which proves valuable.  We will begin teaching the youth about abstinence and how it is a means of glorifying God by keeping oneself pure until marriage.

Phil and Donna have already identified a couple of programs that have been successful elsewhere that they believe can be adapted and translated into the Latino context.  Robin and I have read many books on marriage.  We’ve been married for thirty-one years.  We have counseled couples with marriage problems.  We feel we have the experience and knowledge, with the help of the Waldrons, to build several programs that will bring glory to God by changing the minds and hearts of both young and old in Honduras.  We do not presume to think it will be an easy task.  We are daunted by the thought of making it happen and have not made the decision easily because we understand how difficult it will be to change a culture of thinking that has been molded by the world and the evil one who influences it.  But it must be done if the church is going to successfully grow in this country and we believe the Lord will be leading us and supporting us and helping us all along the way.

So, having been given the invitation by the Waldrons and the UPREACH (MISIÓN HACIA ARRIBA) team to spearhead this ministry, we have made the decision to move to Santa Rosa de Copan as soon as we are able.  We need more support.  We need a vehicle.  But most of all we need your prayers to do whatever needs to be done to help people here understand the beauty of pure lives and consecrated marriages.

Some may ask why we are moving so soon (after six months) to a new location.  My answer is that although the work here in Tegucigalpa has been a wonderful learning experience, we believe the work in Santa Rosa fits our gifts, personalities and experiences better because there is:

A Team – A group of missionaries and Hondurans with one goal.
A Vision – A restoration-type movement concentrating on the six states of western Honduras.
A Plan – Plant churches, grow mature Christians who want to plant churches.
An Excitement – Young people and old, new converts and older Christians are filled with excitement.
A Need – Our purpose will be to build Godly marriages and encourage lives of purity to make the churches strong.

May God continue to bless each of you as you seek for and find the will of God for your life,

Lowell, Robin and Jacob White

Our phone number: 011-504-3341-5864

Remember to send any contributions to:

Wilkesboro Church of Christ
P.O. Box 81
Wilkesboro, NC 28697-0081
Make the check out to Wilkesboro Church of Christ, put Honduras on the “for” line on your check and enclose a note that it’s for the Lowell White family.

Bring the full tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. And thereby put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need.       Malachi 3:10


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One response to “News of Our Move to Santa Rosa de Copan

  1. Amanda Kirkpatrick

    Wow!! That is awesome!!! I am so happy for y’all!!! God has blessed you with gifts and now has guided you into a time and place where you can plant seeds in soil that He has been preparing just for this work!! We truly serve an awesome God!! I am super excited about the possibilities that lay ahead for you and for the people (and future) of Honduras! Thank you for dreaming big and not being afraid or deterred in your quest to find His will in your lives!! Y’all are heroes of mine! I will be praying that God blesses you in ways you could have never imagined and that you find that the financial situations you have been/are facing will no longer be burdens!! I pray that God brings so much money to you and to this ministry that you have to search for new ways to share it with those around you!! Thank you for working so hard and giving so much of yourselves…you are blessing generations not yet born or even imagined!! Thank you for being the arms and legs of Jesus to so many!!!

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