Our Life in Santa Rosa de Copán… the Beginning

(We were without internet here at home for several days so this is from earlier in this week … I will publish it now)


We are still going through our beginning of life here … you know, all the firsts that come with moving to a new place. They are getting fewer and further between but yesterday was two firsts …


We are entering our 3rd week here and because of rain or clouds we saw our first full-blown sunset in all its magnificent glory! Our upstairs family room window is perfect for viewing! The other was Jacob and Daniel walking across town to their 1st futbol (soccer) game with the guys from church. They had a blast and a very hard work-out!


Some of our recent firsts have been:


Riding the church bus with others on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday’s evenings … Each time on the bus is a fun 45 minutes of fellowship … greetings and good-byes and the chitchat in between. And the walking part of the eight or blocks home (from the bus stop) with Selwin, Julie, their little Jonathan, and Estefania is a delight.


Our first Bible studies in our home – 9 the first week and 14 the next – I was right – the acoustics in our living room are perfect for singing! We love it. Joy is reverberating off our walls and God is smiling down!


Another 1st – Opening our bank account at Occidental … which has to be a savings account for the first 6 months since we don’t have residency yet. This was a fun, informative and productive 2+ hours of paperwork and waiting. We’re always meeting people and making new friends and this day wasn’t any different.


Walking and walking and walking here, there and everywhere and meeting neighbors, running into folks from church and just absolutely enjoying our new town. However, I have discovered doing a grocery shopping and toting it back home is a very, very tiring activity. The grocery store adventure was fun in that we walked part of the way there with a family from church and then another came in as we were leaving so, that was special. 20+ blocks with our groceries was not.


We picked up our first intern from the airport in San Pedro Sula on Friday … that day was lots of good firsts! Eating breakfast pupusas from the side of the road, getting Daniel home, and now being a part of his firsts … way cool. He is a super young man and we are blessed to have him here.


Lowell and I did the outdoor vegetable market early Sunday morning … another load to carry home but the vegies and fruit are fresh and the least expensive – a neighbor walked with us (5 – 6 blocks) because it was 1st time and he even invited us to join his family for the evening meal around 5 … however, we were anticipating another of our own 1sts … we had invited a Honduran family in for Sunday lunch. … oh, yeah, the vegetable market trip taught us something important … bring the guys to help carry the load back afterwards … vegies and fruit are WAY heavy!!


Our home being open to friends is a part of our life here – well, anywhere, but we had firsts this past week – the Waldron family came over to eat with us on Wednesday and Angel and Rosa’s family on Sunday. Good times!


This afternoon I get to go have coffee with Donna – it will be the first of many special outings with her to come! Yay! I love firsts!!


I hope your life is full of first time adventures today and everyday!


Post Script … the coffee time with Donna was a wonderful treat and now, another 1st – Jake’s birthday was yesterday with several in for lunch to help celebrate. (Wow, is he 17 already? too hard to believe!)



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One response to “Our Life in Santa Rosa de Copán… the Beginning

  1. Sounds wonderful! Glad y’all are getting settled and loving it.
    Mom, get a chonga (whatever their called/however it’s spelled, those things you pull behind you like in Argentina).
    Love you guys!!

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