Three Weddings, Three Happy Couples

One of the things that keeps couples from getting married here in Honduras is the expense the government puts on them to have a legal marriage.  It has developed into a culture of couples living together.  The team of workers here in Santa Rosa de Copán want them to obey the laws of the land as Romans 13:1-5 teaches.  Therefore, they have announced that if three couples or more agree to legalize their marriage the team will foot the bill – which involves legal documents, lawyer fees and a feast following the ceremony.  On October 26, we were able to be a part of the first of these “triple” weddings at the Santa Rosa de Copán Church of Christ.  Here are some pictures from the blessed event:

Selvin & Julia were the youngest couple

Selvin and Julia live just a couple of blocks from us. They always attend our Friday night Bible studies. Both of them are great singers. We are so happy they decided to make this decision.

Jairo & Margarita were the oldest couple

Jairo and Margarita are a quiet couple. Their daughter, Heidi, made friends with us the first time she met us. Her and her brother must be really happy about this.

Jairo, Margarita and their two children

Jairo needed help with his tie

Finishing touches

Lowell with Jairo & Margarita's girl - Heidi

Some of the children from our church

Several of the children kept asking me to take their picture so I got them all in a group. I didn’t want to run out of battery power before the service even began.

Jessica, Heidi and her cousin

The wedding singers

The civil service held by the lawyer

Jorge & Milagro exchanging vows

Jairo places the ring on Margarita's finger

Margarita saying her vows to Jairo

Selvin says his vows to Julia

Julia says her vows to Selvin

Selvin & Julia with her mom

Robin & one of the young girls of the church - Damaris

Everybody lining up for the food

Margarita - one happy bride

How many years has she waited for this day? I think she was the happiest of them all.

Harrison, the photographer; Lowell and Daniel, one of the singers

I don’t know what we were talking about but it sure seems serious.

Jeremias & Karol, part of the team, enjoying the food

Jeremias leads singing and is an actor as well. Karol just puts up with his silliness. They are just recently married and will be good examples for the new couples.

Back in the church bus heading home

It isn’t usually standing room only but a lot of the couples had family with them.

Jonathan, Selvin and Julia's little boy

Ain’t he cute!

Walking the last eight or so blocks to home

That’s Stephania looking at the camera. She is one of our neighbors who is often at our Friday night studies. I found out that one of the girls walking with us is fluent in English. She lived in Texas for seven years. Life here is full of surprises.

Let me close this out by saying I don’t know if people can grasp how important these weddings were. These three couples are rebelling against their own culture.  A culture that has made it “quite all right” to just live together without ever making the commitment to God and each other to live together in holy matrimony all their lives. Can you imagine the impact these weddings will have on not only them but their children and yes, even the whole church?  May God bless us with more couples who will take this all-important step.


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  1. Raul A. Funes

    Beautiful ,
    God Bless You and your loved ones.

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