Then We Came Back Home …

to Santa Rosa.

At 1:30 in the morning you can believe we were happy to say our hellos to Sadie and Gabby but immediately felt the loss of Izzy – not there to greet us with one of her stuffed toys – she always had to hunt down a present to give you at the door! Not that she would hand it over, she’d want to play a little tug of war. Once the toy was down she’d slobber all over your hand until you’d had enough!

Anyways, it was off to bed to get some much deserved rest. Lowell and I actually woke up pretty early – had coffee made and were in our chairs before 7:30 … which was good because our neighbor, who had been taking care of the house and pets didn’t know we were home and was over before 8! We had a good visit with her, Cecilia, and her daughter, Andrea, and it was good to talk about Izzy’s passing and reassure them we laid no guilt at their door.

Saturday was a re-coup day – the guys went to the youth function that evening but other than walking up to the closest pulperia (shop) for a few groceries, settling back into home, and catching up with laundry we laid low. Sunday night was a good time of worship with the assembly looking forward to the weddings that would be happening Tuesday. Rosa asked me if I would help the ladies with decorations on Monday afternoon.

Monday at 8 a.m. was our regular team meeting, then our guys met us for lunch, Lowell went back to the office – Lowell is working on some major projects at the office … teen purity, and marriage seminars – getting them transcribed in English so they can be translated into Spanish for a curriculum. Tedious but rewarding work!  Donna came and picked me up for decorating by 3 and that went on until 9:30 in the evening with about 7 or 8 of the ladies from church … hand crafted décor at its finest! And a few pieces of lace from the Illinois shipment – worked in lovely! It was going to be really pretty!

The weddings were Tuesday evening – see Lowell’s previous note on those. Absolutely wonderful.

Which brings us to Wednesday – the guys, Daniel and Jake and I walked the streets … yeah, we’re still walking everywhere and today I HAD to get some groceries and go by a pharmacy for some meds. I guess we put in at least 30 or so blocks of walking … went to 5 pharmacies before I found what I needed … Lowell had his regular day of work, we had an early supper and then Lowell headed back out to men’s meeting until 9’ish – long day for him.

Thursday I worked in the front yard a little and it was great – until ants attacked me! Then Jacob and I did our homework … This is our discipleship meeting night – where we are all basically study the panorama of the Bible – some really good lessons. The main purpose of this is because we have tons of new Christians who know very little of the Bible.

Friday it’s back out to do some shopping because I forgot I had to fix food for Friday night, Saturday lunch and Saturday evening company … plus, it’s too heavy to carry too much at one time anyways! This time Lowell and I headed out together … he walked with me as far as the meat market and then he headed to the office and I did my errands.

We had a good group come over to the house in the evening … Selvin and Julie are now officially husband and wife … so fantastic!! I love them! We anticipate Selvin being one of the leaders in the church here one day. Julie is quick and smart as all get out and she is going to be a good teacher. They both can sing like nobody’s business … our singing doesn’t sound good unless Selvin is here to lead it – he has natural perfect pitch.

Saturday lunch we had the neighbors over – been meaning to anyway but it was also a thank you for watching the house and feeding the pets. Francisco and Cecelia are the parents, then there’s twin boys who just turned 13 – Francisco, Jr. and Fernando and the littlest, Andrea, age 8. They loved the food. Yay! We had a wonderful time – they are lots of fun to be with and handsome and pretty as all get out – meant to take a picture but didn’t have the camera handy.

As soon as our company left … like 5 minutes later, we had to walk to the church building to help clean – joined up with about 10 others … at around 5 I told Lowell we had to get back home – a 30 minute walk … the new married couples were coming for their first group meeting at our house at 7 and I still had to ‘get it together’ – make the burritos and salsa, set the table, etc. We stopped by a bakery and got banana bread for dessert. Our guys headed off to the youth meeting and we welcomed Jairo and Margarita, Selvin and Julie, (Keiodi came to watch their little Jonathan) and Jorge and Milagro (and their baby – Jeremy) into our home for a few hours of fun times! Our little devo/discussion time was really good, we ate around the table and then Lowell introduced them to bowling on the Wii. It was great.

Sunday some of the church members here rode the bus to Ocotopeque church – there were 5 other congregations represented too … did I mention we left here at 6:30 a.m. to walk to where the bus was down by the church road …then, it was a 2 hour drive. The bus was PACKED – like 3 to each seat. It was a great day of fellowship, a baptism on the river coming home, and then just making it in time for church services here in Santa Rosa – we had a really good crowd.

Lowell is doing a really fine job teaching his classes … his Spanish is coming along by sheer force. Now I have been asked to help out as a teacher’s assistant for the 4th – 6th graders … 2 weeks now I have been assisting sweet Lillian which means helping teach the class … yikes! This is sheer force for me too … ya gotta sink or swim, thankfully the kids help me swim.

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings we walk about 7 blocks to meet the church bus … then after, they drop us off and we walk 7 or 8 blocks back home … I am so thankful for this bus and I am so thankful the last few blocks coming home are downhill.

Monday, we got up to walk to the office for our usual weekly meeting at 8 – but the team forgot to tell us it was canceled – no problem, Lowell and I went for coffee at a great little shop and then he walked me part way back home and bought me flowers to boot!

I love flowers - and these were a delightful gift!

He went on to the office and I enjoyed a rare Monday morning in the house – always something to do and it is good to be home. What I needed to do was write for the blog.

Along with my usual household work I sat down and spent time getting together the note about our trip to Belize. Being Monday, the guys went to play futbol with the men from the church and Lowell had brought the laptop home for me to be able to sit and write this … so nice! However, when we got up the next morning this laptop died … not a good thing when you don’t have a computer store to drive to… he figured out it was the power cord – it was dead not the computer! Well, to make a long story shorter, Wednesday he found a shop here in Santa Rosa, was able to be outfitted with a new power cord and the laptop is back so, I could drag this note up and get it posted today! hooray! The young lady who helped Lowell in the computer shop is Andrea, married to William and they go to church with us!  This is really big thing since Lowell’s ‘project’ is being done on this computer! God is so good to help us out with the details of life … never failing!

While we were walking home from Tuesday evening’s worship Selvin let us know his day off was Thursday and that he and Julie wanted to bring lunch to our house! We had a great discussion about foods and likes and dislikes finally deciding on the option that they could surprise us! This is a really special and sweet gesture and we don’t take it lightly. It’s sprinkling outside with total cloud coverage but I just know it, Thursday – today – is going to be terrific!

Do we sound busy or what? I think we need to go to Belize!


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