My Turn, My Turn!

In keeping with our Jessi’s Thankfulness Week … it’s my turn to post something I am thankful for.

Lowell and Phil Waldron have gone out of town today. They had the privilege of taking some special people back to the airport. Not that we wanted them to leave – but, we are so thankful they could come, help with the work and bless us by being here. They were Jeff Simpson, Leonard Riley, and Jason and Wyatt Simpson of Pine Tree Church of Christ in Longview, Texas.

Jeff has been here several times and wow, it was like seeing a family reunion the way he greeted/was greeted by the family at the church. I am so happy Jason brought Wyatt – at the age of 10 he is being impacted for a lifetime. It was the neatest thing to see him interacting with Hondurans and just with all his experiences here – he was a little man. Lenny was the perfect example of a happy, positive Christian man. He delivered an excellent devotional on marriage Saturday evening.

The Pine Tree church believes in the future of the church and is deeply involved in the work of our Honduan team. They had come earlier in the year and built our Casa Pina where we hold classes, early morning devotionals and the weekly youth functions. They came to work on some electrical wiring and paint the outside … it is beautiful! They also got to go and do several other things which Lowell can elaborate on later.

Suffice it to say, we and the Honduran church was blessed for their presence. We were all encouraged.

I am thankful for Jeff, Lenny, Jason and Wyatt and God is very good.



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