Thankful for 21st Century Communication

I’ve read of some of the great missionaries of time past and really admire their faith and trust in God. I cannot imagine loading my family into a ship and sailing off to a foreign country with almost no way to communicate with people back home. I can’t imagine writing a letter explaining that the funds are low or exhausted and knowing that the letter will take weeks to arrive on the desk of someone who may or may not respond.

Things are so different today than when we lived in Nigeria ten years ago. We had to travel twenty minutes to get to the phone company where we would place a call that cost a ridiculous amount of money and often was of such poor quality it was money wasted. Here I sit at a computer and can chat through Facebook with folks in real time. I have my MagicJack phone and can talk to folks just like in the States. I can e-mail and it goes instantly to wherever I send it.

There is no way I could ever compare myself to those great missionaries of time past. They were men and women of strong faith. They knew they would more than likely die in a foreign field. They knew there was little chance of seeing their families in their home country again. They went anyway – they had to. The gospel compelled them and those of us who are on the mission field today owe a debt of gratitude to them for laying a foundation on which we can build. – (lowell anthony)


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