Just Let Me Say …

I have one more thing that needs to be mentioned under “Thankfulness”. In reality I know this list could go on and on if I open my eyes every day and register my many blessings. However, this one more thing is this … our very special time with Daniel Isom.

Don’t you love the providence of God and how it works in our lives? The fingerprints of  the Father are a very good thing. We are grateful that in the scheme of our events, it worked out that Daniel came and was a part of our lives here in Santa Rosa. He came not even 2 weeks after we made the move, so, basically we only know living here with Daniel in the house and in the middle of our doings – he was family.

love this!

Things are already different – like this evening, Jake went to youth drama practice and then will go on to the men’s weekly futbol game. But he was usually joined by Daniel at the game and then they’d walk home together. I know Daniel will be missed at the game. I am determined not to worry about Jake walking home on his own. Something will work out and I know he’ll be safe.

Last night at church any number of people came up and asked about Daniel … ‘he’s gone, right?’. And the men’s part of the praise team was definitely lacking.

And Daniel’s chair is empty at the dining room table. 😦

Daniel did a lot while he was here – he helped with our Thursday night children’s classes, worked with and was a part of the chorus and praise team, helped Lowell with his projects, participated with the youth program, was a part of our evangelistic outings, volunteered 3 days a week at the Hector Emilio Medina Bilingual School (Jake co-taught w/ him) and was an active part of our Friday night small group studies. And he helped with the re-write and editing of our intern packets and videos. I know I am leaving out something … well, just being Daniel was pretty special – he made quick friends with the Honduran folks and everyone misses him.

We enjoyed lots of special times with Daniel. A highlight of the time he was here was our trip to Belize. That was an adventure of a lifetime even for us well-seasoned missionaries and Daniel took to it like a trooper!

No complaints – ever. Even when, in reality, there is probably a lot to complain about. You’re here, things are different, more difficult, but either you decide to go with it or you really have a bad time. I believe Daniel had a good time.

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Blessings …  we’re grateful for gift of time we got to have Daniel amongst us. We pray God will continue to be glorified in his life and that he will be blessed as he blesses others.


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