Lives of Routine

Here in Santa Rosa, we live a life of routine. Each day has its designated activities and we do what we need to do on that day. Well, that just could be over-stating things a little; it could even be a lie. Okay, I better remedy that by re-stating it completely. Here in Santa Rosa, we live a very busy life.

Sundays in the month of November were excellent. It was mentioned in the October newsletter that Satan is busy attacking good things that are happening. Our attendance has continued to fluctuate and mostly that seems to be due to the cooler weather. Attendance still stays above 150. Also, 2 sisters have been fussing about something that really needs to be resolved. Church leaders have met with them several times. This is affecting 2 family groups of our church. But, on the brighter note, singing is getting better and better. November 14 was full to overflowing and God was glorified in all. The whole church family has embraced our newly marrieds and these men have risen up and taken part in the public assembly. We have a good, strong core group and they usually make it to every function. Sundays are busy and wonderful in Santa Rosa.

Mondays usually start with our staff/team meeting. These can be thrown off or canceled because of people visiting, or others maybe traveling. When we do have our regular meetings they are a time of reflection, planning, review and just overall sharing of our hearts. This was Lowell’s post after our last meeting …”Long meeting this morning with the Mission Upreach team but lots of great things are planned for 2011. Come join us!” We’re serious .. come on down, you will not be sorry. Later in the day on Mondays is sometimes a drama activity for Jacob at the church building and almost always, the men of the church get together for a soccer (futbol) game at 7. The last Monday there was a game, 2 of the young guys came over afterwards and hung out. Last week was cold and rainy so it was canceled.

Tuesdays will usually find Robin and Jake at home but this last month Daniel Isom, who was our intern for 2 months, and Jacob held classes at the bilingual school here. This meant that Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings they were at the school holding basketball clinics as a regular part of their P.E. Program. This was an excellent outreach to the community. Two of the students , Miriam and Randolf Arguelles come almost every Sunday to worship with us. Randolf is in Robin’s class and Miriam is active with the youth and helps with translating when brigades are here. Tuesday nights are our Praise and Petition evenings with the church. They are always uplifting and we’re learning new songs – absolutely beautiful. A couple of times we vary what we do on Tuesdays … like have weddings!

This past Tuesday was the wedding of Lito and Ilodia! We were so very excited. It was an excellent evening and loads of fun. We have been praying for this to happen for a very long time.

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