Whites Honduras Newsletter December 2010

It hasn’t even been one year since we moved to Honduras and so much has happened already. It has not been the easiest year of our lives by any means but we look back on it and rejoice that we got to be a part of some great things. At the top of the list is always the joy we experience when we see someone make a decision to follow Christ. The second would be seeing the kids at Casa de Esperanza being taken care of and growing in the love of the Lord. The numbers begin to blur after the top two but seeing the church members in Santa Rosa de Copán grow spiritually has to be up there. Watching brides walk down the aisle and hearing those vows being said has been inspiring in that we can see that there are people who are willing to make these life-changing decisions to follow Jesus in the right way. During the seminar in November we heard preachers discussing the need to build self-supporting churches. It will be a joy to see them as they develop these congregations over the next few years.

One of the last things we were able to attend before we traveled back to the States was the wedding of Elder and Brenda. They are two young people who entered life as one just as God intended. It was a beautiful ceremony and it is a treat to see them sitting together during our worship assemblies. Both are excellent examples to the young people. Pray for them that temptations to be otherwise will be defeated. What they have done is what we are striving for as we encourage young people to remain sexually pure until they enter marriage. It can be done. God desires it and he will give anyone who asks the control it takes to wait. We just have to convince the young people that it is God’s command and He has the power to see them through. This is one of our “missions” during this year of 2011.

We had a great time distributing the Magi boxes we received from Healing Hands International. It takes a tremendous amount of coordination to gather these in the States, get them shipped and have them distributed to different points around the globe. I have no idea how they pull it off but we enjoyed four occasions where we were able to give the boxes to school children and finally to children who attend the congregation in Santa Rosa. The thing I like about this Mission Upreach team is that they make sure that seeds are being planted that will eventually lead these children and their parents to Christ. The places where we distributed the boxes will be targeted in the coming year to have the gospel preached. We may even be able to arrange transportation to get some of these children and their parents to church services. Follow up will be done at the schools to teach classes in values and morals and, of course, will be Bible-based. You can do that here unlike in the USA. (see a video here)

Plans are being made for 2011. The discipleship classes will begin again in February. These are classes held at the church building on Thursday nights to help us learn more about the basic teachings of the Bible. The Friday night classes will begin as well in different homes throughout the city, ours included. Pray that we can get more of our neighbors to attend. Our praise and worship night on Tuesdays has continued throughout the holidays and, of course, Sunday worship assembly continues to be a time to teach and worship. The newly married couples will also be joining us in our home on Saturday nights for lessons on marriage and parenting. We have enjoyed the fellowship during these meetings.

There are plans being made for short-term mission trips in 2011. Already some brigades are lined up to go into the poorer areas of western Honduras with medical and dental supplies and personnel. There will also be some who are giving out glasses. We can’t wait to experience the joy of helping people see again. Each of these brigades will be done so as to lead people to Christ as well. We are not ashamed to let people know these are being done by Christians who would love to see the patients become followers of Jesus. The church is established in the area and will be ready to follow up on anyone expressing interest. There will also be a group of Let’s Start Talking workers in our city. These groups will make good contacts who can be led to Christ and become a part of God’s family.

We have enjoyed being in North Carolina for a couple of weeks of family time. Thanks to all of you who made this possible by helping pay for our tickets here. Although we spent part of the time passing around a virus to 18 of the 21 family members who were here we still managed to have fun, eat plenty of food and shop and open some presents together. We even managed to go bowling as we have for many years (in memory of Jonell, Robin’s Down Syndrome sister who always loved to go). It was hard to say goodbye to the children and our two granddaughters not knowing when we will see them all next but maybe it won’t be too long.

We have a favor to ask. If you plan to continue helping us in 2011, please let us know. If you have contacts who might help support us please send us their address and make contact with them and tell them to be expecting a letter from us. I have put a support letter at the following internet address. http://bit.ly/eTOS9i Please download it and send it to any churches or individuals you know. Every little bit of support makes a difference as we found out this past year.

Our wish list –

More monthly supporters no matter the amount.

May God continue to bless each of you as you seek for and find the will of God for your life
– Lowell, Robin and Jacob White

Remember to send any contributions to:

Wilkesboro Church of Christ

P.O. Box 81

Wilkesboro, NC 28697-0081

Make the check out to Wilkesboro Church of Christ, put Honduras on the “for” line on your check and enclose a note that it’s for the Lowell White family. Also, tell us if its for something particular.






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