A Home With Arms Wide Open

I guess my prayer has always been that we have a Home with Arms Wide Open.

We pretty much have always had gangs of people into the house – no matter what continent, or state or city I learned from my own parents, specifically Mom, how to have a home that welcomed others. I don’t think it comes naturally and I often find myself praying for patience and an excellent attitude because, once you commit to having an ‘open, welcoming’ door, then you may be caught off guard. And sure as shooting, you don’t want to un-do what you have begun – that wouldn’t be right.

So, since we’ve been back we’ve had a bunch a people over at various and random times. I love it. They love it. (I guess)

I want to share a couple of photos from just the last week – and ask for prayers.

Various ones of our youth group come over arbitrarily and also at planned times and I love it for Jake. I try my best to come up with something for them to eat & drink, however yesterday it was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and it was the first time Luis or Esau had ever had that. They said they liked them.

And then, there is the kiddos from right around us. Kerin, Kahori, Fernanda, Brianna, Andrea, Michael, Diana … and Ana.

I met Ana Patricia through Kerin – Kerin is a regular in our home. I met Ana near Kerin’s house, didn’t know if she was a little girl or little boy and so worked the conversation to where I could figure it out. She had her head shaved because of lice and was wearing generic clothing. That particular day will always be special to my heart. She walked me all the way to the house. We sat on the steps and visited a good long time. A few days later she came back, this time with Kerin and Lowell got to meet her. We stayed on the carport and they visited and of course played with Sadie – our proverbial ‘good-will ambassador’.

Since that day I have met Ana on the street numerous times and always introduce myself to whoever she is with and invite then to the house – I have met friends, her mother, and now, this week I met her sister, Reina. Reina took me up on the invitation to come by. They have been to our house 3 – 4 times but I have actually had them in, along with 2 other neighborhood kiddos, twice now. They want to come every day but that is not feasible and so Lowell suggested I create visiting days – kind of like we had regular days in Nigeria when the door was open to the kids from the children’s home and village. So, I am deciding on that. Also, we had already talked about me having a regular day for a little Bible study. I want to get some chairs or benches made, so, am praying about that too. I have material for 52 lessons, but am also thinking about Spanish Bible videos like we used in Nigeria (of course, they were in English there). I will need help getting those.

Oh, and let me mention here that while we were in the States Karol and Jeremias stayed at our house and were able to befriend Ana as well – inviting her in and visiting with her is wonderful ways. And, too, Karol and Angie are wanting to start up an afternoon Bible study in their neighborhood for the kids that they interact with daily.

So, I have prayer requests.

  • Pray for Ana specifically. She has been through some rough experiences.
  • Pray for my patience and welcoming spirit.
  • Pray for each one who passes through our door, that they will see Jesus and a life worth emulating.
  • Pray for good lessons that they can take home and use.
  • Pray for our skills in Spanish – so we can converse, teach and share adequately.
  • Pray for me – I seem full of terms, conditions and restrictions – I want to be more inline with ‘God’s terms’ not my own.

And as promised, here are some pictures.

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