Bad With The Good …

Bad With The Good is just the way life is. We can be the middle of a really great, fun time and then, wham, out of nowhere – or at least, suddenly, the fun time becomes a yell “me golpe”!! And someone is in pain, has to be carried into the house and the course of the evening changes.

That’s the way things went last night at the youth gathering at our house.

Several of the young people from the Santa Rosa congregation come regularly over to the house and sometimes they may have a fire in the backyard and cook hotdogs and marshmallows, other times it’s popcorn and Wii – just varies every time. Last night it was Oreos and milk and then all the lights off for a game of “Hide and Seek” – two being “it” and the others running through the house and downstairs, yelling, screaming, laughing and hiding until they are found and taken to “base’… you probably know the routine. Then the cry “me golpe”. Lowell and I were hanging out in our room, me on the laptop and him reading and I say to him, “Now, that didn’t sound too good.”

Things sounded pretty settled so, I waited a little bit but then went downstairs to find the guys all gathered at the dining room table and I asked them where the girls were. They all said “el bano” and Jake told me to go in – it was locked. They let me in once they knew who I was … and this is what I found….

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