Life As We Know It

Life as we know it has gone from being pretty regular in its daily activities to topsy-turvy.

  • Mondays begin with Lowell in the regular team meeting, a day of work for all of us and the nights normally were evenings here at home (ah, so sweet…) – Jacob pretty routinely goes and plays soccer (futbol) with the other men from the church. But from attending a couple of English-speaking gatherings with the “Let’s Start Talking” folks and then all 3 of us choosing to ‘be still’ this last week, we haven’t had a ‘normal’ Monday in weeks.
  • Let's Start Talking Graduation - over 25 students!

  • Tuesdays are filled with the usual work/school day (Lowell and me with our ‘projects’, etc. and Jacob has created a somewhat grueling work schedule to get his 11th grade over before the end of May) and we have our Praise and Worship night – and one recent one saw us celebrating the Fathers in our congregation! The children put on a great program and the cake was delicious. And then, this past week  found us traveling to El Salvador from Tuesday – Thursday.
  • Some of our Dads!

  • Wednesdays now are completely different than Wednesdays just last month – we have the regular work/school days but also I am getting ready for a ‘sewing for Christ’ project and have Lili over several times as we prepare for that.  Also, the mens’ business meeting has moved from every other Wednesday evening to every other Sunday afternoon – why? Because the congregation has adopted Wed. as our one and only night at home where each family is encouraged to have their own devotional time. So, we kind of backed off from having the Youth over on those ‘other’ Wed. evenings – however, a group did decide to come over anyway (had their family devos before time)
  • A Crazy Group of Kids!

  • Thursdays are pretty much the same – work/school/discipleship class in the evening. We got in late in the day this week so, didn’t go – that was weird – but a ‘necessary’ absence.
  • We a part of the 2nd level group on Thursdays.

  • Fridays – well, week before last our small group was invited to be a part of the LST graduation so, we and a couple of other groups went to that. But normally we are here at our house  …. we’ve had some really good attendance in our small group and excellent lessons/discussions!
  • We sing, open the Bible, discuss and eat ... great small group-time!

  • Saturdays we try and get chores done around the house and then, in the evening, Jake goes to youth meeting and we have the newly marrieds over. The latter has been spasmodic in attendance – one week there was no electricity so only Julie and Selvin came, the next week Selvin was very sick (severe reaction to parasite meds) but 2 other couples came and this week a number of us were involved in a workshop for ushers at the church building so we canceled (the workshop was great but lasted from 1 – 6 so we were all tired.)
  • It was a dynamic workshop!

  • Sundays have found us being a part of the cleaning crew (today I stayed home because of upset tummy) and Lowell preached again last week – a fantastic, challenging lesson on Joshua. Jacob works in the sound booth for almost all our ‘gatherings’. BTW – we had 189 people at our Sunday evening service the other week!  Praise God!
  • This isn't an actual Sunday evening ... but we gather 'here'. :o)

This next week is “Semana Santa”. The kids of the city are out of school, businesses close down and even our team has a break with several ‘hitting the road’ to visit family. There are lots of changes in the schedule – among which the congregation will be traveling to a retreat center for two days to gather with people from other churches in neighboring towns/cities. Jacob will go to that but Lowell and I will be traveling for a few days with a couple from the States who are coming to Honduras to visit some churches around Occidente (the West).

Street paintings will be happening all over Honduras this week.

Unique, beautiful - honoring "Holy Week".

The week after Easter might find us back home to try and establish some sort of routine … I hope!

Our lives are busy and full and we thank God for each and every opportunity to learn, grow, and share His grace and mercy.


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