Just a Little Note

I want to write a newsy note – our lives have been so full the last few weeks. In fact all of April just flew by and I guess it was because life was so busy. I can tell already it probably won’t get done today but here’s a summary …

Lowell preached on the 10th then we had our whirlwind, wonderful trip to Entre Pinos, El Salvador, then the next week was  the Father’s Day celebration, Lowell’s birthday  (it was a full day coming and going), then we headed to San Pedro Sula for 3 amazing days (during which the church had their Campamento which Jake enjoyed), the final week found us in preparation  for the beginning of May (preparation takes on a different significance when your writing in one language and translating to another). Of course the usual times of praise and worship, discipleship, Small Group and Young Marrieds happened on schedule the last week.

And here we are in May already! Our first week found Lowell in a preachers seminar, and teaching a devotional at a local school and our regular small group on Friday. Robin is back on schedule for helping with Sunday School,  she and Lili started the sewing class in our home on Thursday and there was a Ladies Night on Saturday – full attendance at each activity!

All has been a success and we know it is because so many have lifted us in prayer. We thank you and don’t take your love and support for granted.

Details on the above activities to come soon!


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