“Cosiendo Para Cristo” – Almost Done …

Our 1st course in Sewing for Christ is almost done, but not quite. The girls took their completed dresses home on Thursday. We are still going to sew a little more though. We’re making a dress for Reina – Ana’s sister who has to work instead of going to school or coming to my house anymore. And we’re making 2 little dresses for some twins that live in our neighborhood. And finally, we’re making a maternity top for Yuli, the older sister to Kahori and Kerin. So, 4 more little projects – it may take all of Tuesday and Thursday this next week because we also want to deliver the gifts in person with the girls.

The Bible lessons I planned and Lili delivered were along the theme of “according to the pattern” – realizing nothing God tells us in His word is by accident but usually He is giving pretty exact instructions for us to obey. And usually these instructions are for our benefit – so that we can become something of beauty.

We looked at pattern books that Lili had and she took the girls through the step by step process of design, a pattern, the construction and the finished product – she delivered it in an excellent way. Our lessons …

  • We started with Noah building the ark,

  • then to a little history of the Hebrew people and their building of the tabernacle,

  • then studied the panorama of the life of Christ – birth, life, death

  • and finally his resurrection leading to the day of Pentecost and the early church.

  • The last lesson will be on our patterning our lives after Christ as a church and individuals.

The premise of all lessons is that God desires beauty and completeness in our lives and we will have it if we follow his instructions.

 Here are the girls modeling their dresses on Thursday – we actually had a little runway with Lili acting as emcee – it was hilarious!

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3 responses to ““Cosiendo Para Cristo” – Almost Done …

  1. Cheryl Buchanan Judd

    Robin, thanks for sharing your project, pictures, and lesson ideas. This inspires us and our girls to continue learning more and reaching out to others with service and influence.

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  3. Pam

    The girls have done a great job on their dresses.

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