The Pattern of Jesus

The Pattern of Jesus was the theme of the day. We decided early on that not only would the girls in our class learn how to sew, they would participate in studies from God’s Word – the point being that we have the Word for a reason – it is our Guide for Life. Our previous class lesson was about the resurrection, Pentecost and the early church. This time we discussed how the early church patterned their lives after Christ – his love for people and his generosity. And so, this day we practiced this love and generosity by visiting, giving a gift and praying with others.

The Girls ...Lili, Robin, Cecilia, Ana, Dayana, (Joshua), Kerin, Genesis, Andrea



Cecilia, Lili and I whipped up 3 dresses just like the girls had made and we headed out to Rosi and Reina’s and then to Luz and Maria’s (Maria is the Mom to Dixi and Dulce) with gifts in hand and joy in our hearts. Oh, by the way, Joshua is Lili’s youngest and he was usually upstairs playing with Legos etc. but, when playtime happened – he was in the middle of it!

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I think it was an excellent conclusion to “Cosiendo Para Cristo” or, in English: Sewing for Christ.

Since we began our class Tanya and Dayana have been attending church with us regularly and their Mom and brother are supposed to come this Friday night. Ana has come once with us but she lives far into the countryside so, if family doesn’t come with her I don’t allow her to come – it is too dangerous for her (or us) after dark. Her big sister Rosi said she would come and bring both the girls and the baby … pray for this, please, we really want Christ in the middle of this family.



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2 responses to “The Pattern of Jesus

  1. Raul

    So beautiful what you do
    God Bless all of you, for the love you have in your heart.

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