June 2011 Newsletter

This past month was filled with work and the fruit of that work is evident in more than twenty new Christians here in our congregation.

The month started off with a big youth gathering of the congregation’s young people. It was a workshop to decide what direction the youth program is to go in the future. René and Josué led the workshop in their usual style of lots of activity. This meeting was followed by a second later in the month and another is planned later on.

Rosi Bell and Yenni presenting their work at the youth gathering

I was put in charge of getting the men of the congregation to teach the children on Tuesday nights. Several men have been willing to do it and it has been a great success. Angie and Karol, who work with the DESEO program are sharing the curriculum they use. The kids really seem to enjoy having the men teach them. This is important as several of them do not have a good father figure in their life. Its also been good for the men to realize they have the talent to do this. We are in a win-win situation. The ladies get a break from teaching, the kids are helped and the men get to discover hidden talents.

We attempted to have another night with a bonfire up at the park near our house. We had a fire. Phil shared a good lesson with us. We sang several songs. There was a big group on the mountain. We had just begun to eat when it started sprinkling. About the time we all had our plates the bottom fell out and it started to downpour. Lightning was striking around us. I still finished my tortillas and refried beans although they weren’t all that tasty drenched with rainwater but I was hungry. We all made a mad dash back down the hill. Robin, Jacob and I only live three blocks from the park. We were soaked by the time we walked home but I really felt sorry for those who were riding in the back of pickups for thirty minutes to get home. I’m hoping the decision was made to wait until after rainy season is over to try that again.

Sitting around the bonfire before the rain starts and drowns out the fire

Robin and I have continued to work with some of the students who participated in Let’s Start Talking a while back. We meet on Monday nights and have a Bible study in English. It gives them a chance to practice their English and gives us a chance to teach them about Jesus while developing relationships with them. There are more LST groups coming in July and we hope to make more contacts. They also will be starting a basic English class that we will continue after the LST folks leave. We are hopeful of seeing some or all of these added to the family of God.

I preached my second sermon on the 19th of June. I’m not sure how long they are going to let me use an interpretor as the members seem to think I’m ready to preach in Spanish. I spoke on “We Have Treasures in Heaven”.

The last part of June got really busy. On the 20th through the 23rd we traveled about an hour away to a town with a new church plant. La Jigua is on the road to the Copán Mayan Ruins, a tourist destination here in Western Honduras. We had a group here who were ready to work. Over those four days we attended to nine hundred people. Each received a medical checkup, some got needed glasses and most received a good supply of vitamins and basic medicines. Two of the La Jigua Church of Christ families and their three children were with us each day getting to know the people in the community. Contacts were made that, with God’s blessing, will bear fruit.

Robin talking with one of the patients

On June 25th and following we had three different groups working in different areas. The LST workers were at the Santa Rosa church building teaching English using the Bible. A brigade from Pine Tree Church of Christ was working at some of the local schools with the DESEO program. A group of medical students arrived from VCOM in Blacksburg, Virginia to hold medical clinics at two different locations. And, by the way, Robin and Jacob left to go to the States on the 24th. Jacob headed to Carolina Bible Camp and Robin started visiting with Jessi, our daughter and her husband, Benjamin. I was asked to translate for the medical group which turned out to be quite a challenge but I did learn a lot of vocabulary.

On the 27th a group of fifty students from Baxter Institute arrived from Tegucigalpa to knock doors and hold a gospel meeting for one week. There were six wives in the group so I handed our house over to them and I moved into the extra room out back of the house. That same evening Robin called and told me that my brother, Wendell, had died that day in Alabama. My family was in agreement that I should stay here while my sisters made all the arrangements for him. One of my co-workers stated that sometimes it is not so much grief that someone has died but grief over what might have been. My brother was a soldier in the Vietnam conflict. I don’t think he ever recovered from it. But while his life passed twenty-one others changed their way of life and were added to the body of Christ. To God be the glory.

Baxter Institute students singing in downtown park

Half of July will be busy, too. We have Terry Reeves group of interns coming to hold a three day VBS in one of the schools where the DESEO proram is going on. Its also the location where the Baxter students spent most of their time and where most of the new Christians are. Then our summer of brigades will finish with a group from my sponsoring congregation – Wilkesboro Church of Christ from North Carolina. Daniel, who interned here when we first moved to Santa Rosa will be heading up that group. It will be great to see him again.

Robin and Jacob will return on the 23rd of July after visiting the family including two cute little girls out in Oklahoma named Emily and Madelyn.

May God continue to bless each of you as you seek for and find the will of God for your life

– Lowell, Robin and Jacob White

Our phone number: 011-504-9491-6485 (Lowell’s cell) 615-752-2986 (MagicJack number)

Remember to send any contributions to:

Wilkesboro Church of Christ

P.O. Box 81

Wilkesboro, NC 28697-0081

Make the check out to Wilkesboro Church of Christ, put Honduras on the “for” line on your check and enclose a note that it’s for the Lowell White family. Also, tell us if its for something particular.

P.S. Any motorcycle enthusiasts who would like to raise a couple thousand dollars for a 150 to 180 cc motorcycle for me to use around town would be appreciated. I’m still tired of walking. And to all you moms – I promise to be careful.

Bajaj 150



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