So Much Good

Our world is a troubled place. There’s abuse, promiscuity, lying, stealing, gossiping, substance abuse, cheating, disease and dying all around us. Day in, day out we, each one of us, are affected by Satan and his hold on the world – his hold on us and people we know. It’s enough to drag a person down to the pit of despair! Satan would have us wallow there – stay in the dark and believe the worst. But,

The truth is: There’s so much good going on. It’s called “Good News”. It is what changes our night into day, our mourning into gladness.

From the youth retreat, to a wife being baptized recently, to new folks showing up at small group studies all over town, friends and neighbors attending church services for the first time, to babies being born into homes where both parents are now Christians, kids visiting in homes where they see Christ, people being visited and prayed over, men being taught radical and life-changing truths to now, this week more lives being impacted by the on-going (Christ-centered) basketball camp … there’s enough good going on to fill a book or two!

We thank God every day that we can be in the middle of this work.

Christ is the reason for this season but more than that, He’s the reason for living – and He is the Hope for all of us.

Praying your Season is blessed with Brightness and Light that comes only from Him!



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