Basketball … not just a game

Okay, I know this is from facebook, but sometimes the conversations are just worth sharing. I love this one but especially the comments from Joan Dixon – aren’t these some great thoughts?
Lowell Anthony White
Got drafted into the NBA – Niños Basketball Association. Will be helping teach basketball skills to 9 – 12 year olds but interspersing Biblical teaching. Should be fun and its always good to guide kids to the Bible.

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Lisa D. Brewer ‎!Que bueno! 🙂

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Ray Russell The difference between your NBA and the other… yours is actually playing basketball. 🙂

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Lisa D. Brewer Love this, Ray Russell! 🙂

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Joan Dixon Endless opportunities for applications: “lay up” treasures in heaven, “”fast break” away from sin, “guard” your tongue, “forward” don’t look back, “in/out of bounds” stay on the straight and narrow, “goal” heaven, “ball” keep your eye on it, “basket” serve others, “dunk” buried with Christ, …traveling, goal tending, personal foul, double dribble, palm the ball, top of the key, in the lane, end of regulation, overtime, etc, etc, etc. Great job, Lowell.

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Lowell Anthony White Ray – I quit watching basketball a long time ago although it was my favorite sport to play in high school. My most memorable player was Pistol Pete Marovich. Wonder how many remember him?

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Lowell Anthony White Joan – I’m going to copy that and give it to the leader who is, I think, from the church Ken Snell attends. I don’t know how much of it will translate into Spanish but some will.

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Joan Dixon Lowell, Bob remembers Pistol Pete for sure. Likes to catch a “classic” game where he can see him play. He was an awesome player.

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Ray Russell Lowell… You and me both. Loved Pistol Pete!

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    • Robin White Joan – you are pretty amazing. I think I will copy and share your post … oh, I don’t know, maybe on our blog. Thanks for being you – a wonderful ‘Barnabas’ to so many.

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