Good Byes Don’t Come Easy …

I’ve (Robin) been through my fair share of  ‘good-byes’ – well, actually probably more than my fair share. The daughter of a preacher ‘nomad’, wife of a preacher/missionary has seen me move a ton of times. No matter how many times one says it – ‘it’s’ never any easier – at least not for me. And, usually it’s me, or us, doing the leaving but this time it was a little different.

Josué Molina and family have moved to San Marcos. Josué is still a part of the “team” but in a different role now and he and Lili will be working with church planting in that area.

This is big to me. You see, the very first week we moved to Santa Rosa I started co-teaching with Josué wife, Lilian. Lili and I were not only sisters in the Lord, co-teachers but very soon realized we were kindred spirits and thus became forever friends. This isn’t to say Lili and I are alike. Lili has a very strong personality, is passionate, boisterous and gregarious. I think of myself as strong for sure, with more of a subdued personality and quiet strength. But our love for our Lord, the Word, love of singing, and the love we have for own family is powerful and a definite common bond. We taught sewing classes for girls in my neighborhood. We visited others together. We got together just to have coffee and talk – her house or mine. You see, Lili has her struggles (and I do too) and sometimes one just needs that listening heart to hear, commiserate and understand. We did that for and with each other. One of the best things is, that  Josué and Lowell were close too – they could spend time together and just be ‘on the same page’ about tasks to be done, souls to be prayed over, and just life. The four of us had just enough time together to fall in love and want more. And their little ones – Genesis and Joshua – I love those two! They loved being in our home and felt at home with us. And then, there is Charlene, Lili’s older daughter that was/is ‘at home’ in our home too – she has stayed here in Santa Rosa – having been hired by MissionUpreach to work with their team. (this was not an easy decision for her to make) I think she is my new assistant teacher – and if that has worked out, she starts with me this Sunday.

Well, the bright side of this is …. San Marcos is not that far away – about a hour and 1/2 drive – of course, without a car, we’ll go by way of bus probably to visit. We are making tentative plans to go and have working activities – Lowell and Josué working with marriage classes and me and Lili working with more sewing classes as an outreach. Also, they have asked and we have invited them to use our home as ‘base’ anytime they are in Santa Rosa – mutually satisfying.

All of us are excited about the Molina’s new work in the San Marcos area but life is just hard sometimes, y’know? With all these dadgum good-byes that pull at the heartstrings. Someday, glory hallelujah, there will be no more good-byes – just a lovely welcome into our forever home.

Praise the Lord and Amen!

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