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Here We Go Again…

Here we go again – another Friday already? Time is just scooting by! Every Friday we gear up for the next 2 evenings. Lowell studies and prepares lessons and Jake and I get house and food ready. Small group gathers on Friday and newly marrieds on Saturday. We love these folks. There’s no way to even count how many times they’ve been in our home over the last year+. They are like family … and they are: the children of God – each of us adopted into His amazing spiritual family.

I don’t want to ‘count my chickens before they’ve hatched’ but we’ve visited with several of our regulars this week and we should have 2 – 3 visitors tonight. And not only that but tomorrow night we are expecting 2 new couples – this is huge – we’ve been inviting this one couple for months and months and now they say they are not only coming but bringing friends! And the guys in our group got together and said they wanted to bring the food tomorrow night! Wow, such wonderful initiative and growth. God is moving among us – His fingerprints are all over the work here in Santa Ana and story after story will become better and better as various ones come to know Him in wonderful ways.

We want to highlight this little family now and ask you to pray for them:

Selvin and Julie have been in our home almost weekly – 2x per week – since the first week we arrived in Santa Rosa (and other odd times just to hang out or come for a real meal). And as they are our nearest church family – neighbors 2 blocks up – we ride the bus together and walk to and from the bus stop week-in and week-out (that is a lot of conversation!) They are both cute as can be and smart as the dickens – they can readily discuss scripture, ideas and new concepts. They are bright and eager to do right. They are the parents of precocious, wonderful Jonathan. Also soon to be parents of another – due in December. It is not unusual for Selvin and Julie to have friends or family along with them either here to our house or to the services at church. Julie is a stay at home wife/mommy. Selvin is a barber – has worked in a barber shop on the main road in town for years (1/2 of his earnings go to the owner). He will open his own shop very soon – it’s located on a side-street but near a popular restaurant so it still gets traffic. Please pray for him as he ventures out on his own. He has a great reputation and a good clientele that will be following him but it is a huge step. Pray for Julie in her pregnancy and future delivery. Pray for Jonathan as he is being raised in the Lord. We are so proud of this precious family – we’re seeing Jesus!

Here is a little slide show from over the last year plus … Selvin and Julie are now ‘legally and scripturally’ married, Jonathan is such a big boy,  Julie is pregnant with #2, and Selvin will soon be owner/proprietor of  own shop! What  a difference a year can make.

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“Cosiendo Para Cristo” – Almost Done …

Our 1st course in Sewing for Christ is almost done, but not quite. The girls took their completed dresses home on Thursday. We are still going to sew a little more though. We’re making a dress for Reina – Ana’s sister who has to work instead of going to school or coming to my house anymore. And we’re making 2 little dresses for some twins that live in our neighborhood. And finally, we’re making a maternity top for Yuli, the older sister to Kahori and Kerin. So, 4 more little projects – it may take all of Tuesday and Thursday this next week because we also want to deliver the gifts in person with the girls.

The Bible lessons I planned and Lili delivered were along the theme of “according to the pattern” – realizing nothing God tells us in His word is by accident but usually He is giving pretty exact instructions for us to obey. And usually these instructions are for our benefit – so that we can become something of beauty.

We looked at pattern books that Lili had and she took the girls through the step by step process of design, a pattern, the construction and the finished product – she delivered it in an excellent way. Our lessons …

  • We started with Noah building the ark,

  • then to a little history of the Hebrew people and their building of the tabernacle,

  • then studied the panorama of the life of Christ – birth, life, death

  • and finally his resurrection leading to the day of Pentecost and the early church.

  • The last lesson will be on our patterning our lives after Christ as a church and individuals.

The premise of all lessons is that God desires beauty and completeness in our lives and we will have it if we follow his instructions.

 Here are the girls modeling their dresses on Thursday – we actually had a little runway with Lili acting as emcee – it was hilarious!

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