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I love the body of Christ. I love Christ’s design and intention for His church. I love that in the best of times we generally transcend cultural, economic, and racial barriers. I know there is and always will be imperfections in our relationships throughout the brotherhood but I also know, for certain, that Christ is alive and well in Christians all over the world. I have had the privilege of being in the middle of ladies Bible classes/devotionals on four continents and an island – probably over a hundred various congregations. Women from all walks of life and backgrounds but sharing the common bond of Jesus – being touched and cleansed by His blood and all of our lives being transformed by His incredible hand in our own stories.

That being said, I want to share about the ladies Bible study I had in our home the other evening. It was a precious time. I directed the class but the ladies, these sweet sisters of mine, taught the lesson. I centered the time on prayer – the communication that the Father craves from us and the power of prayer. Verse by verse we discussed, shared laughter, tears and wisdom as only women can do. There were 14 of us around 2 tables pushed together. First we shared a prayer, a meal, singing, then study, handwork activities, dessert and more prayer. Far too soon the time was over and all of us were off to our busy lives and loves – the real world – but strengthened and renewed to face the challenges of life in this world.

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Sisters – in the faith – a sweet reminder that God is good and has given us many blessings as we await that heavenly home when we can talk face to face with Him through all the ages. In the meantime: prayer – how awesome and powerful.

How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
(A.P. Bland – A.S. Bridgewater)

We read of a place that’s called heaven
It’s made for the pure and the free
These truths  in God’s words he had given
How beautiful heaven must be.

How beautiful heaven must be
Sweet home of the happy and free
A  haven of rest for the weary
How beautiful heaven must be.

In heaven no drooping nor pining
No wishing for elsewhere to be
God’s light it’s forever there shining
How beautiful heaven must be.

How beautiful heaven must be
Sweet home of the happy and free
A  haven of rest for the weary
How beautiful heaven must be.



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“Cosiendo Para Cristo” – Almost Done …

Our 1st course in Sewing for Christ is almost done, but not quite. The girls took their completed dresses home on Thursday. We are still going to sew a little more though. We’re making a dress for Reina – Ana’s sister who has to work instead of going to school or coming to my house anymore. And we’re making 2 little dresses for some twins that live in our neighborhood. And finally, we’re making a maternity top for Yuli, the older sister to Kahori and Kerin. So, 4 more little projects – it may take all of Tuesday and Thursday this next week because we also want to deliver the gifts in person with the girls.

The Bible lessons I planned and Lili delivered were along the theme of “according to the pattern” – realizing nothing God tells us in His word is by accident but usually He is giving pretty exact instructions for us to obey. And usually these instructions are for our benefit – so that we can become something of beauty.

We looked at pattern books that Lili had and she took the girls through the step by step process of design, a pattern, the construction and the finished product – she delivered it in an excellent way. Our lessons …

  • We started with Noah building the ark,

  • then to a little history of the Hebrew people and their building of the tabernacle,

  • then studied the panorama of the life of Christ – birth, life, death

  • and finally his resurrection leading to the day of Pentecost and the early church.

  • The last lesson will be on our patterning our lives after Christ as a church and individuals.

The premise of all lessons is that God desires beauty and completeness in our lives and we will have it if we follow his instructions.

 Here are the girls modeling their dresses on Thursday – we actually had a little runway with Lili acting as emcee – it was hilarious!

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“Cosiendo Para Cristo”

Con mucho amor te invitamos

a un taller llamado

Cosiendo Para Cristo”

en donde aprenderemos a coser,

y lo mas importante,

aprenderemos del evangelio

de nuestro Senor Jesuscristo.

! Juntas aremos grandes cosas!

Tendra una duracion de 4 semamas

empesando el dia 5 de mayo

12, 19,. y terminando el

26 de mayo.

De 2pm a 5 pm

Cosiendo Para Cristo” or, in English: Sewing for Christ.

Above you see the invitation Lilian Molina and I handed out the last week of April. We invited young girls in my neighborhood to come to our house for a course in sewing. Let me back up here by saying … a good while back I posted a note and pictures of the girls who regularly came by our house to visit, play with Sadie and just spend time. I was getting a little overwhelmed by daily visits and Lowell suggested that I set up a visiting schedule once or twice a week with a set time and activities – something like the kids and I did in Nigeria with the village children. (there it was singing, Bible videos, crafts, and a snack every Wed, afternoon).

These are Our Girls ... with Cecilia and Lili

Which brings me to Cheryl and “it’s a small world after all”. After prayer and much thought the Lord brought me face to face with a solution … via facebook! A connection was made with Cheryl Buchannan Judd who was with us at Freed-Hardeman. She posted a note and pictures of Sewing for Christ – ministry she and her small congregation in Fawn Creek, GA started in 2010. After an exchange of emails and messages (and even snail-mail for the patterns!) I knew this was what I wanted to offer! Granted, I am on the mission field so, this was a re-make or expansion of Cheryl’s ministry knowing the dresses, bags, britches, etc will stay here – not be sent off to another country. Now, to find help and machines enough to carry it through.

Which brings me to Lili! Remember way back when I posted a note about the youth being in our home and the young lady, Charlene got hurt? (Bad with the Good) Well, a few days after that Jake and I went to visit Charlene, daughter of Lili, and during the visit I saw that Lili had sewing machines … serious machines! I mentioned to her that I had an idea and if she was interested she might could help me out. She was thrilled. Lili can sew professionally and she had been longing for a ‘project’. Lili and I already co-teach the 5th – 7th graders at Sunday school so, I knew we’d work well together.

Which brings me to Cecilia – our ‘adyudante’ or ‘helper’. A good while back I mentioned we had great neighbors. This is Cecilia – when she found out I was going to have a sewing class she asked if she could help. Her help has proven invaluable. I am so happy God has brought Lilian and Cecilia together as friends.

Cecilia and daughter, Andrea... good neighbors and friends

We have one more class with these girls, but they don’t want to stop so, we may extend a couple of weeks. Already, we have seen fruit from our labors … Kahori had pretty much stopped coming to church activities but she has started attending again. Also, Dayana is coming not only to our Friday night studies but also, to some church services and now her older sister, Tanya, is coming too. We’re waiting for their Mom, Maria Jesus, to join them in one or all activities soon. A sidenote here, after numerous times of Tanya and Dayana in our home and then finally coming to church we learned their Mom is cousins with one of our ‘newly married’ ladies – Margarita. Margarita is really excited about the possibilities of reaching this family for the Lord – as are we!

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A Home With Arms Wide Open

I guess my prayer has always been that we have a Home with Arms Wide Open.

We pretty much have always had gangs of people into the house – no matter what continent, or state or city I learned from my own parents, specifically Mom, how to have a home that welcomed others. I don’t think it comes naturally and I often find myself praying for patience and an excellent attitude because, once you commit to having an ‘open, welcoming’ door, then you may be caught off guard. And sure as shooting, you don’t want to un-do what you have begun – that wouldn’t be right.

So, since we’ve been back we’ve had a bunch a people over at various and random times. I love it. They love it. (I guess)

I want to share a couple of photos from just the last week – and ask for prayers.

Various ones of our youth group come over arbitrarily and also at planned times and I love it for Jake. I try my best to come up with something for them to eat & drink, however yesterday it was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and it was the first time Luis or Esau had ever had that. They said they liked them.

And then, there is the kiddos from right around us. Kerin, Kahori, Fernanda, Brianna, Andrea, Michael, Diana … and Ana.

I met Ana Patricia through Kerin – Kerin is a regular in our home. I met Ana near Kerin’s house, didn’t know if she was a little girl or little boy and so worked the conversation to where I could figure it out. She had her head shaved because of lice and was wearing generic clothing. That particular day will always be special to my heart. She walked me all the way to the house. We sat on the steps and visited a good long time. A few days later she came back, this time with Kerin and Lowell got to meet her. We stayed on the carport and they visited and of course played with Sadie – our proverbial ‘good-will ambassador’.

Since that day I have met Ana on the street numerous times and always introduce myself to whoever she is with and invite then to the house – I have met friends, her mother, and now, this week I met her sister, Reina. Reina took me up on the invitation to come by. They have been to our house 3 – 4 times but I have actually had them in, along with 2 other neighborhood kiddos, twice now. They want to come every day but that is not feasible and so Lowell suggested I create visiting days – kind of like we had regular days in Nigeria when the door was open to the kids from the children’s home and village. So, I am deciding on that. Also, we had already talked about me having a regular day for a little Bible study. I want to get some chairs or benches made, so, am praying about that too. I have material for 52 lessons, but am also thinking about Spanish Bible videos like we used in Nigeria (of course, they were in English there). I will need help getting those.

Oh, and let me mention here that while we were in the States Karol and Jeremias stayed at our house and were able to befriend Ana as well – inviting her in and visiting with her is wonderful ways. And, too, Karol and Angie are wanting to start up an afternoon Bible study in their neighborhood for the kids that they interact with daily.

So, I have prayer requests.

  • Pray for Ana specifically. She has been through some rough experiences.
  • Pray for my patience and welcoming spirit.
  • Pray for each one who passes through our door, that they will see Jesus and a life worth emulating.
  • Pray for good lessons that they can take home and use.
  • Pray for our skills in Spanish – so we can converse, teach and share adequately.
  • Pray for me – I seem full of terms, conditions and restrictions – I want to be more inline with ‘God’s terms’ not my own.

And as promised, here are some pictures.

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Lives of Routine

Here in Santa Rosa, we live a life of routine. Each day has its designated activities and we do what we need to do on that day. Well, that just could be over-stating things a little; it could even be a lie. Okay, I better remedy that by re-stating it completely. Here in Santa Rosa, we live a very busy life.

Sundays in the month of November were excellent. It was mentioned in the October newsletter that Satan is busy attacking good things that are happening. Our attendance has continued to fluctuate and mostly that seems to be due to the cooler weather. Attendance still stays above 150. Also, 2 sisters have been fussing about something that really needs to be resolved. Church leaders have met with them several times. This is affecting 2 family groups of our church. But, on the brighter note, singing is getting better and better. November 14 was full to overflowing and God was glorified in all. The whole church family has embraced our newly marrieds and these men have risen up and taken part in the public assembly. We have a good, strong core group and they usually make it to every function. Sundays are busy and wonderful in Santa Rosa.

Mondays usually start with our staff/team meeting. These can be thrown off or canceled because of people visiting, or others maybe traveling. When we do have our regular meetings they are a time of reflection, planning, review and just overall sharing of our hearts. This was Lowell’s post after our last meeting …”Long meeting this morning with the Mission Upreach team but lots of great things are planned for 2011. Come join us!” We’re serious .. come on down, you will not be sorry. Later in the day on Mondays is sometimes a drama activity for Jacob at the church building and almost always, the men of the church get together for a soccer (futbol) game at 7. The last Monday there was a game, 2 of the young guys came over afterwards and hung out. Last week was cold and rainy so it was canceled.

Tuesdays will usually find Robin and Jake at home but this last month Daniel Isom, who was our intern for 2 months, and Jacob held classes at the bilingual school here. This meant that Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings they were at the school holding basketball clinics as a regular part of their P.E. Program. This was an excellent outreach to the community. Two of the students , Miriam and Randolf Arguelles come almost every Sunday to worship with us. Randolf is in Robin’s class and Miriam is active with the youth and helps with translating when brigades are here. Tuesday nights are our Praise and Petition evenings with the church. They are always uplifting and we’re learning new songs – absolutely beautiful. A couple of times we vary what we do on Tuesdays … like have weddings!

This past Tuesday was the wedding of Lito and Ilodia! We were so very excited. It was an excellent evening and loads of fun. We have been praying for this to happen for a very long time.

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Just Let Me Say …

I have one more thing that needs to be mentioned under “Thankfulness”. In reality I know this list could go on and on if I open my eyes every day and register my many blessings. However, this one more thing is this … our very special time with Daniel Isom.

Don’t you love the providence of God and how it works in our lives? The fingerprints of  the Father are a very good thing. We are grateful that in the scheme of our events, it worked out that Daniel came and was a part of our lives here in Santa Rosa. He came not even 2 weeks after we made the move, so, basically we only know living here with Daniel in the house and in the middle of our doings – he was family.

love this!

Things are already different – like this evening, Jake went to youth drama practice and then will go on to the men’s weekly futbol game. But he was usually joined by Daniel at the game and then they’d walk home together. I know Daniel will be missed at the game. I am determined not to worry about Jake walking home on his own. Something will work out and I know he’ll be safe.

Last night at church any number of people came up and asked about Daniel … ‘he’s gone, right?’. And the men’s part of the praise team was definitely lacking.

And Daniel’s chair is empty at the dining room table. 😦

Daniel did a lot while he was here – he helped with our Thursday night children’s classes, worked with and was a part of the chorus and praise team, helped Lowell with his projects, participated with the youth program, was a part of our evangelistic outings, volunteered 3 days a week at the Hector Emilio Medina Bilingual School (Jake co-taught w/ him) and was an active part of our Friday night small group studies. And he helped with the re-write and editing of our intern packets and videos. I know I am leaving out something … well, just being Daniel was pretty special – he made quick friends with the Honduran folks and everyone misses him.

We enjoyed lots of special times with Daniel. A highlight of the time he was here was our trip to Belize. That was an adventure of a lifetime even for us well-seasoned missionaries and Daniel took to it like a trooper!

No complaints – ever. Even when, in reality, there is probably a lot to complain about. You’re here, things are different, more difficult, but either you decide to go with it or you really have a bad time. I believe Daniel had a good time.

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Blessings …  we’re grateful for gift of time we got to have Daniel amongst us. We pray God will continue to be glorified in his life and that he will be blessed as he blesses others.

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Whites Honduras Newsletter October 2010

On the night of October 26th three couples arrived at the church building to become legally married. There is a law here that if two people live together for a certain period of time they are to be considered married. The only problem with that is that it has developed into a culture that if one of them wants out of the marriage, they just walk away. There is no legal process to go through to dissolve the marriage. It happens here a lot. It’s similar to what happens in the States, where couples live together “in preparation” for marriage. This is developing into a culture where people just live together until one walks away and then they get with someone else and do the same thing. We’ve met people here and listened to them tell who their siblings are and it makes your head spin just hearing the explanation of who is who’s kid and which is their father and on and on. I feel sorry for children that grow up in that kind of situation because they never know when one of their parents are going to up and leave. This is the reason we want these couples to be legally married. The cycle of abandonment needs to stop.

So, the church building was full of relatives of these three families plus most of the church members. The first part of the service is a civil ceremony. A lawyer is there and performs the ceremony, gets the couples to sign a lot of paperwork and has them take legal vows of marriage. This took way more time than it should. Then the “religious” ceremony comes next. Well, there was a short sermon in between the two on the importance of marriage in God’s sight. The religious ceremony was very touching as each couple was asked to say their vows. Some of the couples had rings, others didn’t. They were all dressed beautifully. The situation was different than what you would see in the States but it still had a wonderful, moving tone to it all.

The ladies of the church had spent hours and hours decorating and also prepared the food, so we all had a good meal to celebrate and we ended the night by heading home. Two of the couples were on the church bus with us. One couple lives a few blocks from us, so we all walked together. It was a good night.

We had the three couples over to our home the following Saturday night. We want to work with them to help in building a lasting marriage. I gave a short lesson on love and respect using some of the ideas from the book Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs. We had a pretty good discussion afterword. We were pleasantly surprised at their willingness to open up and talk. We also began a book lending program – I had 2 books we had bought on marriage in Spanish and they will read this and bring them back to swap out for the next … this was a really big hit! We then introduced them to Jacob’s Wii and had a good time bowling in the TV room. (Those of you who don’t know what a Wii is, just ask your grandchildren).

Did I mention that before the wedding we had just returned from a four day trip to Belize? Because we don’t have residency papers yet we have to travel out of the country for a few days then return so we can get another three month stamp in our passport. We can pay $60 toward the end of the three to get an extra month but if we don’t leave before that fourth month is up we have to pay some hefty fines. We can’t travel to any of the bordering countries as they have some kind of pact. So, it has to be Belize (the closest) or Costa Rica or any place else. We could have gone to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Spirit Airlines but there were two problems – we didn’t have a thousand dollars to spend and we don’t know anyone in Ft. Lauderdale to stay with, so it was off to Belize.

One of the missionaries from Teguc has made the trip so she wrote down the directions and e-mailed them to me. The trip involved eight buses and four boats so I have to say I was a bit “concerned” about the trip. Robin tells all about it on our blog site (see above). Did I mention that Robin and I each had a backpack of about 30 or 40 pounds to carry?


Reflections from Robin –

Our trip to Belize was wonderful, crazy, energy-sapping, educational and necessary. It will be a blessing to someday have residency and I know God will bless us in this working out.

Our work here in Santa Rosa involves primarily making friendships that will build trust and confidence and then we go on from there with the teaching and living examples. We talk with our neighbors daily – chatting with this one and that one up and down our streets. It is so precious to me to use our home as an outreach for the Lord’s church and it happens multiple times a week. Already we have seen Christ glorified in so many ways through the body that meets here in this city – the church grows week by week – numerically and spiritually. Not having a vehicle means we walk every where which is wearing but rewarding. We love meeting new people and telling why we’re here. I don’t think I can think of a time that we’ve gone into ‘el centro’ and not seen members of the church – what a blessing!

With all the great things that are happening Satan is trying his best to see it all destroyed. Just when attendance is up in one area it will be down in another … consistency is a challenge. One couple backed out of marrying just hours before – they’ve come around now and will ‘do the deed’. Just know this is a mighty step to take and it is one of courage and commitment. Please pray for these and the 10 or so others we are working with.

All this to say something very important to us – with God’s help and the help of an awesome team of people here – we are working hard to make a difference for eternity’s sake. We know it is of utmost importance to feed the hungry and shelter those who struggle to keep a roof over their heads, but the crux of the matter is – they need Jesus in their lives and have to be shown The Way. I am so happy and proud to be a part of His Body here in Santa Rosa – a body of Hondurans helping Hondurans see light for this challenging path before each of us.


Our wish list (I thought I would include this here so you would know our needs): a vehicle, $3,200 for our 5 year residency papers which would keep us from having to travel out of the country every four months, someone who will purchase and ship Spanish books on marriage, parenting, dating and sexual abstinence.

May God continue to bless each of you as you seek for and find the will of God for your life
– Lowell, Robin and Jacob White

Our phone number: 011-504-3341-5864 (Lowell’s cell) 615-752-2986 (MagicJack number)

Remember to send any contributions to:

Wilkesboro Church of Christ

P.O. Box 81

Wilkesboro, NC 28697-0081

Make the check out to Wilkesboro Church of Christ, put Honduras on the “for” line on your check and enclose a note that it’s for the Lowell White family. Also, tell us if its for something particular.

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself. (Philippians 3:20-21)

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