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On the Terrace …

…or terraza as the case may be.

Because things got busy as they sometimes tend to do around here I ended up stashing this note in ‘drafts’ and forgot about it. I saw the title and questioned ‘what is that?’ … it was an evening out  with ‘our’ young married couples and it is from way back but it’s worth mentioning and so, I digress to the past – like Saturday May 5th!

For well over a year and half Lowell and I have opened our home to several of the young married couples of the church here.  We’ve read books together, studied great lesson series, watched and participated in the Fireproof movie and lessons, and just had some wonderful fellowship including cook-outs around the campfire and meals around the table. In all, there’s seven couples that have participated. Now to get us all together … that’s a rare occurrence … but each have been  in and out of our home numerous times. Juan Jose and Claudia are neighbors and friends of Juan Jose and Mirty. They  were regulars at church services and our home even before they had become Christians – what a day of rejoicing when they made the decision to be baptized!

So, this Saturday night mentioned above was really very, very special –  we all gathered at the home of Juan Jose and Claudia and they and Juan Jose and Mirty hosted an asado (cook-out) on their terraza! Wow! there’s was some delicious food – chicken, beef and sausages grilled out and the usual ‘sides’ of Honduras – churros (chips), beans, grilled tortillas, and chismol  (fresh salsa). It was so neat to be sitting up on their ‘roof’ and it was the night of the ‘super moon’ with an actual break in the typical cloud coverage so we could see it! We laughed and visited and just had a perfect time – as good friends should and do. One neat thing too is that neighbors were invited that are regular attendees of the Friday night small group that meets in Juan Jose’s and Mirty’s home.

Let me say, this is a good group of folks – they are a valuable part of the church in Santa Rosa. The men are beginning to be active in worship participating in prayers and Lord’s supper and represent the future deacons and elders of the church here. The ladies – four of which have children – are wonderful Mommies and wives – they will be teaching children and ladies in years to come. Each of these couples are getting in on the ‘ground-rules’ of what makes a marriage great and are understanding the hard work, daily, that it takes. The discussions have been thought-provoking and valuable.

I love this family of God!

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Good Things

There’s been some very good things going on here …


The medical brigade with the Burnt Hickory folks in Yarushin. Over 800 people were served over the four days. There are always moving stories at our clinics – and you know some stand out more than others. This time there was a lady who had lived years with a mysterious bacterial infection that now has an answer and ‘remedy’ of sorts (and definitely a better life), and a number of small children were seen that had serious anemia problems. One little girl was even taken to the hospital in Santa Rosa and had to have blood transfusions. Thank God, some of the visiting folks were not only the right blood type but were willing to share their blood so this little one could get a new lease on life. We truly saw the fingerprints of the Father in these life stories.

And, last week, Scott and Tim returned (from Atlanta) for yet another basketball clinic and this time, guess what? among others, it included kiddos from our neighborhood! yay! Remember our post on Basketball – it’s not just a game? Well, from when this started “(Lowell) Got drafted into the NBA – Niños Basketball Association. Will be helping teach basketball skills to 9 – 12 year olds but interspersing Biblical teaching. Should be fun and its always good to guide kids to the Bible.” until now, there’s been almost weekly basketball activity with at least 5 different schools. The kids are learning valuable lessons about not only sportsmanship but also, pertinent lessons from the Bible and the value and necessity of prayer. The kids are growing in valuable ways that they can take into their everyday lives.

Also,t this week, with a little different twist, a group has gone back up to Ojos de Agua (where we’d had a medical/vision clinic a month ago) and a team of young folks from CO and Atlanta are holding basketball clinic in this mountain village. Fun times, encouraging moments and definitely great contacts for the Lord’s church in that area.

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Belize #3

We went to Belize – another of those 90-day exit thingies – ah, the things ya gotta do. *sigh*

This is LAW’s from facebook page:

Connie Monsees

16 hours ago

How was Belize? 

Lowell Anthony White

Getting there was a bit rough but once there it was nice. We missed the boat in Puerto Cortes and had to travel to Puerto Barrios (4 hours in buses) in Guatemala. The small boat over was rough riding but it was cheaper and we missed a storm by not getting to Placencia til the next day. Had three nice days and then the boat back was on the biggest rolling waves I’ve seen. Fortunately, it was a bigger boat (45 passengers) so it was kinda cool. Got back home worn out. Thanks for asking. Sorry we missed saying goodbye to you all.

16 hours ago

May I say, this is abbreviated in the extreme… so…

here – still in summation – is the rest of the story:

We left the house a little after 6 a.m. … ended up waiting for the 7 a.m. bus … well, we missed the boat because we were on the slowest Sultana Bus EVER! It was jammed packed – even though we got on together, Lowell was in the 3rd or seat, I was kind pushed with the crowd and ended up in the back of the bus in front of the rear bench seat and finally, rather than stand, I got to sit on a little 4-legged plastic stool with my backpack on floor in front of me. It was the first of my ‘wild’ rides – keeping balance while dodging pot holes was a challenge.

After unloading we took a taxi instead of a rapidito (small transit van) to Puerto Cortes – try as he did (a truly valiant effort) our taxi driver just missed the boat. So, after a potty break at a nice restaurant, we got some friendly advice from a waiter and walked 2 blocks over to catch a rapidito to the Guatemalan frontier. Hot is an understatement but, we were on our way albeit in the midst of  ‘Plan B’. Thankfully, through the years, Lowell and I (and our company of kids) have always dealt relatively well with ‘plan b, c, f or k’ … this world is an un-dependable place at times and you just gotta roll with the punches.

So, 2 rapiditos to get us to the border, (stopped at immigration, got our stamps) and one more rapidito once we crossed — this one was loaded! we had 20 or so people in a 15 seater van and stopped and picked up 7 men who just got off work – the door was open and they stood in and almost out, just holding on for several miles til we dropped them in their little village up the road. Amazing. So, this guy was really very, very nice and for 15 more queztales took us all the way to the dock at the ocean – which was excellent because Nemo was just about ready to head out – had we walked the 5 blocks as planned we would have missed him. (Lowell was able to do immigration a block away)  As it was, we bought our tickets right where we could also get baleadas and Gator Aid to go and we ate on the boat.

Nemo’s boat – man! it was a very, very rough and wild ride – it was so windy and the ocean was choppy as all get out. Besides Nemo and us, there was one of his sons, and a little Belizian family. Their little guy was very offended at the ocean spraying him every whip-stitch. Our boat would raise up and you would just steady yourself to be ready of the loud clap – like a gunshot and then the crash down. Oh, our backs and bottoms were so sore after this ride. However, it was lovely – silver sky and sea and the wind felt marvelous after the heat of the day.

Finally, we arrived about 5 or so in Punto Gordo (means ‘fat point’ – what a name) –  did what we needed to do at immigration, we talked about staying in someplace new but, call us old fogeys or whatever, we were content to go back where we had stayed with Jake and Daniel on our 1st trip – so, we had the room next to where we’d been and had a good rest. It stormed so big in the night and I commenced to praying hard that we’d travel fine in the Hokey Pokey water taxi the next morning. And we did – the rains stopped by morning, we loaded on our very nice bus with bookoos of others and we made it to Independence in the nick of time. As we got off the boat a taxi driver asked us if we needed a ride, we said we’d just walk to the Hokey Pokey and it’s a good thing because he ended up calling them and they had just pulled out and came back to wait for us. Thank You, God! Otherwise, it’d been a several hour wait til the next. We ended up settling in to Miss Julia’s cabana before 8 that morning! Finally!! and because they had a storm the night before, they had some leaks in the room we were supposed to stay in and we got to stay in a cabana for the same price.

We felt blessed.

We thoroughly enjoyed our 3 full days of sand, sea and sky – spent time swimming, sitting on the beach, reading, walking the shore, tooling about Placencia, praying, and meditating. Every day the sky was marvelous! The seashore is one of my favorite places in the world – I feel so close to God and can see, hear and sense his greatness and majesty.

We headed back to Honduras on Friday, 9:30 a.m. aboard the D-Express exited Belize – got in to Puerto Cortes traveling over some high seas (yikes!), did our thing at immigration – an additional 90-days! and by 2:30 or so, got on board a rapidito … a long, fun ride to San Pedro’s terminal, by 6:30 rode Hedman Alas back home to Santa Rosa and walked in the door a little before 10 p.m. – whew!

We went to Belize – another of those 90-day exit thingies – it’s a week later and it hardly seems  like it happened at all.

Feel free to view pictures here.  Belize #3

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So Much Good

Our world is a troubled place. There’s abuse, promiscuity, lying, stealing, gossiping, substance abuse, cheating, disease and dying all around us. Day in, day out we, each one of us, are affected by Satan and his hold on the world – his hold on us and people we know. It’s enough to drag a person down to the pit of despair! Satan would have us wallow there – stay in the dark and believe the worst. But,

The truth is: There’s so much good going on. It’s called “Good News”. It is what changes our night into day, our mourning into gladness.

From the youth retreat, to a wife being baptized recently, to new folks showing up at small group studies all over town, friends and neighbors attending church services for the first time, to babies being born into homes where both parents are now Christians, kids visiting in homes where they see Christ, people being visited and prayed over, men being taught radical and life-changing truths to now, this week more lives being impacted by the on-going (Christ-centered) basketball camp … there’s enough good going on to fill a book or two!

We thank God every day that we can be in the middle of this work.

Christ is the reason for this season but more than that, He’s the reason for living – and He is the Hope for all of us.

Praying your Season is blessed with Brightness and Light that comes only from Him!


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2nd Annual Prayers of Support

Santa Rosa de Copán

A little over a year ago we were really hurting for monthly support – we had made the decision to come over to Santa Rosa from the Santa Ana area and in doing that we gave up the transportation we had and we took a ‘cut’ in salary because … well, our living expenses were a little higher. By December of that year we also took a cut because some of our supporters had ‘signed up’ for only one year. In addition to our own plight, we had become aware of other missionaries who were suffering for lack of funds and even giving up their work because of losing significant amounts of their support. These circumstances prompted our putting on an event via facebook – “Prayers of Support” – and we believe our ministry, and that of many others, was indeed helped because of prayers sent heavenward in our times of need.

We are once again petitioning your help – we are holding what we now refer to as the “2nd Annual Prayers of Support”.

  • It’s timely –
  • it’s needed – and
  • we believe in the power of unified prayers.

There’s been so much trauma and devastation in the world of our brotherhood during this last year – whether natural disasters or unmitigated violence – we have been hurt. Ministries and ministers have suffered. In all that bad, negative, terrible occurrences we have seen the love of Christ being poured out richly and unselfishly by brothers and sisters in Him. There has also been joyful events, stories of conversion, and love exclaimed – just wonderful God-things. Jesus Christ is, surely, alive and well.

  1. For our family we are potentially facing some tough times. Once again our monthly support will be reduced in January. We never have raised the total amount we deemed necessary but we get by. Don’t get us wrong – we don’t suffer, but we do without, and that’s okay – the rewards of our work are plentiful. For anyone that’s interested we can provide a pdf budget of our work.
  2. We need a 4 wheel-drive vehicle. Currently we generally walk almost everywhere – just like most of our Honduran brethren. However, having a vehicle is important because:
  • we could help others in bigger, better ways
  • we could transport various ones to and from our home for weekly classes and studies (our newly marrieds are scattered across the city, same with our young girls involved in sewing classes)
  • we could travel out to neighboring villages and towns as we train leaders in their own family ministries (and take others with us)
  • we could save on our own time and energy
  • we could share the blessing with others as we see fit
  • our ministry will only be enhanced – to God be the glory!

3.  And our prayer requests also include wisdom for the projects we’ve been working on, the implementation of those  ministries from working with newly marrieds to our work with families and the classes we offer in our home.

Of course, prayers are always needed for the week of this event – 2nd Annual Prayers of Support – we hope you will make a concentrated effort to take time to remember us and, not only us, but all other missionaries/servants of the Lord as they seek to work Stateside and in Far Away Lands.

Please join us and spread the word.

As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. (Proverbs 25:25)

For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. (2 Corinthians 4:6-7)

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)

You can go to Road to Honduras  on facebook to read more about donating and also find information about our work with photos to browse through but in the meantime –  here’s a little glimpse from the last year in Santa Rosa.

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August/September Came and Went …

Like a mighty wind … swoosh.

Here’s a little photo journey of our past weeks …

hang on to your seats!

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And you know what …

there was so much more,

like the baptism of Glorisel,

and 5 weddings at once,

and the painting of the Yarushin building inside and out …

and …. well,

enough for now, hope you enjoyed this little taste!

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I love the body of Christ. I love Christ’s design and intention for His church. I love that in the best of times we generally transcend cultural, economic, and racial barriers. I know there is and always will be imperfections in our relationships throughout the brotherhood but I also know, for certain, that Christ is alive and well in Christians all over the world. I have had the privilege of being in the middle of ladies Bible classes/devotionals on four continents and an island – probably over a hundred various congregations. Women from all walks of life and backgrounds but sharing the common bond of Jesus – being touched and cleansed by His blood and all of our lives being transformed by His incredible hand in our own stories.

That being said, I want to share about the ladies Bible study I had in our home the other evening. It was a precious time. I directed the class but the ladies, these sweet sisters of mine, taught the lesson. I centered the time on prayer – the communication that the Father craves from us and the power of prayer. Verse by verse we discussed, shared laughter, tears and wisdom as only women can do. There were 14 of us around 2 tables pushed together. First we shared a prayer, a meal, singing, then study, handwork activities, dessert and more prayer. Far too soon the time was over and all of us were off to our busy lives and loves – the real world – but strengthened and renewed to face the challenges of life in this world.

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Sisters – in the faith – a sweet reminder that God is good and has given us many blessings as we await that heavenly home when we can talk face to face with Him through all the ages. In the meantime: prayer – how awesome and powerful.

How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
(A.P. Bland – A.S. Bridgewater)

We read of a place that’s called heaven
It’s made for the pure and the free
These truths  in God’s words he had given
How beautiful heaven must be.

How beautiful heaven must be
Sweet home of the happy and free
A  haven of rest for the weary
How beautiful heaven must be.

In heaven no drooping nor pining
No wishing for elsewhere to be
God’s light it’s forever there shining
How beautiful heaven must be.

How beautiful heaven must be
Sweet home of the happy and free
A  haven of rest for the weary
How beautiful heaven must be.


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