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Re-cap of April –

Our family in May has started off rather busy but before I get into any of May’s days I really need to share some highlights from the final days of April – they found us in a whirlwind of emotions.

First, I will share our time with 3 folks from SC who came to visit a few of the churches here in the Occidente area of Honduras.

Bob Davis has been visiting Honduras annually for years and years. The congregation of Holland St. in Greenville, SC has been working with some of the same men and Bob comes to visit, give encouragement and be encouraged. This year was the first year his lovely wife Leah was able to come. Along with them, Nathaniel Green also made the trip and it was his first time not just to Honduras but out of the USA! Lowell and I had the unique privilege of being a part of their visit to serve as translators. It was a beautiful, enlightening, and emotional time.

The first leg of their journey was spent with Rene Rosa driving them and working as translator. They gradually worked their way towards Santa Rosa where they spent 2 nights and were able to conclude their stay here by witnessing a baptism at the river on Friday morning – after which Lowell took the wheel and we headed back to San Pedro Sula – the location of the last 3 churches and families.

Friday afternoon we headed over to the home of Auturo and Rosario Torres. We met them and their 4 wonderful children – Jessica, Roberto, Deborah and Daniel. This was just a short but friendly visit leading up to Saturday when we would come back in the morning by 9 and spend the day. During this visit we learned more of the work that was going on. They have a bus ministry with sometime 50 kids between the ages of 14 down to 2 or 3. Three classes, 3 teachers and one helper each. Wow! And Rosario uses the internet to search for material to use to teach. (I look forward to helping her with this.) Rosario let us know she would be fixing us lunch the next day. Mmmm. We could tell already, the next day was going to be great! And it was.

Torres family

We headed back to the hotel and then to supper – this is Semana Santa and there is not too many places open on the ‘holy Friday’. We settled on Burger King for lack of other places but I was content. We don’t have fast food in Santa Rosa, so this was a treat!

The next morning we first arrived at their home but shortly after, headed over to the building where we would meet in earnest.

Let me say here, Lowell was a little nervous about his translating skills – not sure if he’d get the meaning or the significance of what he was suppose to translate from Spanish to English – the other way around was no problem. So, I was along to fill in what ever gaps he came across …well, I don’t think I was really all that necessary but we do work together as a team and did pretty fine between the 2 of us.

So, later on, after several hours of good hard discussion, we headed out to make a visit before lunch time. Wow, this was some visit! Brother Martinez will be 104 in June. He and Brother Bob have been best pals for years – joking back and forth, even competing in arm wrestling! We had been told before hand Brother Martinez was now bed-fast, not communicative, and pretty much non-responsive for over a week. Bob let us know, this was going to be hard.

First of all, we sat in the main salon for a little and then we asked permission to head into the bedroom. This frail little man was in the fetal position on his bed – not moving was an understatement he didn’t look like he’d last a week or 2. Bob sat down next to him, greeted him and with Lowell translating, proceeded to encourage, laugh about old times, and just visit. Before long, Brother Martinez indicated he wanted to sit up. He did, and before long, he had his hat on; he and Bob had a round of arm wrestling – of course, Bob lost again! He drank some Pepsi with the rest of us and we did a round of picture taking. His little, old wife and son were just thrilled! We were too. It was an amazing time. After a good time of prayer we said our good-byes. We had been so blessed!

Lunch at the Torres was a fun and rewarding time. We not only ate lunch, which was super yummy, we looked at a big ol’ stack of pictures – lots and lots of family pictures. Lowell and I took turns translating the story behind each and every one. Some were of when Auturo was just a boy in El Salvador. Some were of when Rosario was just a young teen-ager before they married. Then we went through their Baxter years, pictures of each of the 4 kids. And pictures of Bob through the years – he has seen these kids grow up – Jessica is now 20 and Daniel 10. Wow, it was a cementing time. This is one neat family.

The afternoon took us on a whirlwind tour of the regular bus route and we stopped at 6 different homes and visited with the families of some of the kids who regularly attend. Oh my. Each and every home was a mixture of heartache and sorrow but also, so very hospitable and uplifting. Our hearts were moved over and over again – one man had 4 of his own kids and now is taking care of the 3 his sister left when she was killed a few months ago – a cousin had died just a few days ago, and his Mother a month ago … and the brother-in-law to his wife a couple of weeks prior … 4 deaths in their family in less than 3 months. The prayer was sweet and poignant. This family loves Arturo.

The next home found the lady of the house to be so hospitable as well – everyone wanted to bring us drinks. This lady was caring for her invalid Mother (bed-fast) who had a stroke 12 years ago – she gave up her nursing career to care for her because there was no choice – the house (one room, divided by tin walls and sheets) was filled to over-flowing with kids of all ages, her own and grand kids – and the great-grandma off in the corner. The prayer here was also, so precious. This family loves the Torres family and the church.

We made 5 more visits … I don’t have the space here but suffice it to say, each was a powerful testimony to the work of the Torres family in this area – incredible. We were humbled and delighted the Lord was shining in the midst of this darkness.

This was just our first day and a half … we still had Sunday and Monday to experience and let me tell you here, they were loaded with emotion. The Lord is moving in so many lives and Satan is attacking any which way he can. My trust is in the Lord of Hosts!

As soon as I can I will be posting pictures to introduce you to some of these wonderful Christians.


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March 2011 Newsletter

The newsletter is a little different this month. In order to let you see what we are working on, I am including the latest work that we’ve done with Joshúa here in Santa Rosa de Copán. This is a draft of the kinds of ideas we are coming up with to accomplish what God desires of the families in Honduras.

Construjendo Familias Fuertes (CFF)

Building Strong Families

Goal: Build strong families by preparing young people for future marriage and strengthen existing marriages by helping couples be successful marriage partners and great parents.


Teach youth to prepare for a successful future marriage by abstaining from sexual relations until marriage and teaching them to search for a godly spouse.

Rescue troubled marriages, make good marriages even better and teach new couples how to build a strong marriage.

Develop strong families by teaching parenting skills in order to raise up children who follow God’s way and by developing relational skills to model the life of Jesus for each other.


  1. Youth
    1. Youth who maintain their chastity and purity before God.
    2. Youth who are prepared integrally for their future marriage before God.
  2. Marriage
    1. Couples who are sufficiently prepared emotionally and spiritually for a legal marriage.
    2. Couples who continually better their marriage.
    3. Couples with broken marriages who will commit again to their marriage vows.
  3. Families
    1. Families who model what a Christ-centered family should be.

      Parents who have the skills to bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

      Children who obey their parents in the Lord, respect their elders and honor God.


  1. Youth
    1. Video series on sexual abstinence.
    2. Classes in church gatherings
      1. Chastity
      2. Preparation for marriage
    3. Classes during youth rallies.
    4. Classes for parents to help youth say “no” to sexual pressure.
  2. Marriage
    1. Pre-marital counseling for couples.
    2. Wedding arrangements for couples to wed.
      1. Legal documents
      2. Place for wedding
      3. Reception
    3. Marriage retreats for (legally) married couples.
    4. Marriage conferences to strengthen marriages.
    5. Classes for specific areas of marriage.
      1. Finances
      2. Communication
      3. Parenting
      4. Extended family
      5. Sex – a Gift From God
      6. Following Jesus
      7. Male Spritual Leadership
    6. Retrouvaille program
    7. Divorce Busters (Michelle Weiner Davis program)
  3. Families
    1. S.T.E.P. (for parents of children 6-12 years old.)
      1. For church members
      2. Use as outreach
    2. Family retreats with classes
    3. Sermons
    4. Conferences
    5. Classes

Basic necesities:

  1. Place for private counseling

  2. Place for public teaching

  3. Projector

  4. Drama team

  5. Couples trained to lead or participate in conferences and retreats

  6. Place to hold retreats

  7. Place to hold conferences

Pray for us as we continue to work out the details of each of these and other programs to further the cause of Christ in this country.

– Lowell, Robin and Jacob White

Our phone number: 011-504-9491-6485 (Lowell’s cell) 615-752-2986 (MagicJack number)

Remember to send any contributions to:

Wilkesboro Church of Christ

P.O. Box 81

Wilkesboro, NC 28697-0081

Make the check out to Wilkesboro Church of Christ, put Honduras on the “for” line on your check and enclose a note that it’s for the Lowell White family. Also, tell us if its for something particular.


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Whites Honduras Newsletter February 2011

One year and counting!

We arrived in Honduras a year ago in February. What have we accomplished and what does the future hold? Let’s look back on the year and see. Let me mention, first of all, that nothing would have been accomplished had you not partnered with us in the work here. Thank you for the sacrifices you made to make our stay here possible.

We began our work in Santa Ana not really knowing what we would be doing particularly especially when short-term mission groups weren’t around. This pretty much continued the whole time we were there as we rarely knew what the next day would involve until it arrived. Robin made a place for herself at the children’s home and helped out there until the arrival of another worker from the States and then she was needed less and found other things to do. Jacob and I showed up where we were asked to go and did what we could to help. Once the missions groups started arriving we were on the go seven days a week helping them. Throughout our time in Santa Ana we helped build over forty wood “houses” and three block ones. We mixed lots of concrete for the little soccer field at the children’s home and more for those block houses I mentioned. We were at the city dump feeding people almost every Wednesday whether there were mission groups there or not. We helped distribute food, clothing and assisted during medical clinics. Robin was involved in most of this as well (except for mixing concrete) despite the fact that she was sick for several weeks. She also led most of the groups to the children’s hospital. Which may have been where she picked up the bug that made her lose thirty pounds.

We met some great people during the summer. One of the sad things about moving to Santa Rosa de Copán was knowing that we would not likely see any of those folks again. We also hated saying goodbye to the children at Casa de Esperanza and other friends we had made in the church in Santa Ana. But we just weren’t satisfied with what we were doing there and so, we moved west.

Since we’ve moved here we have made more friends. We continue to have a Bible study in our home each Friday night. Last Friday we had two new young ladies who attended. I struggle through the lesson with my Spanish and they all continue to be patient with me. Selvin helps a lot and there is always good discussion during the lessons. Saturday nights have been a little harder to get cranked up again. All the newly married couples have work, kids and family to keep them busy and sometimes its hard to get them to break away and come. Hopefully, we’ll get everyone coming soon. Selvin, Julie, Elder and Brenda were there last Saturday night and all of us had a good study and time of fellowship.

One of the brigades the team will host this year was here in February. Thirty-seven people from Longview, Texas held a four-day medical/dental/eyeglass clinic. We saw 781 people from four or five villages, lots of teeth were pulled and a whole lot of people can now see more clearly. Plus, a bunch of kids are happier because there were sunglasses to be given away. The entire team worked well together. The military loaned us a troop carrier vehicle to use plus five soldiers were with us the entire time just to make sure there were no problems. I noticed that each of the soldiers gathered around as we began each day with songs and prayers. It was exhausting work but very satisfying that so many were helped. The evangelism team (made up our Honduran team members and CREO men) worked both with those who came to the clinic and in the village where the clinic was set up. There was another part of the team working on construction on a church building as well. They were able to build the foundation and erect some of the support columns. There is still lots of work to be done on that but it will progress through the year. There are at least three more brigades scheduled to come in the summer.

Our project for the youth dealing with sexual abstinence/lives of purity is coming along and is so needed. One of the things that continues to bother Robin and me is the realization that, at any time, one of our young girls who is in the church or is attending our Bible studies could show up pregnant. We had a long conversation last night with one of the couples on the team and it lays heavy on their hearts as well. I know this is the same concern every youth minister, elder, preacher and their wives has and all I can do is ask that you continue to pray for us that we are able to change lives before this happens. And if anyone has any ideas that will help us reach them, please share.

We are still working on planning different things to do to strengthen families. We want to build strong families by preparing young people for future marriage and strengthen present marriages by helping couples be successful marriage partners and great parents. That’s our theme. We’ll soon begin a series of sermons about elders/shepherds and deacons. It doesn’t take much thought to realize that what I discussed above and finding men to serve as deacons and shepherds ties in closely with one another. Shepherds can’t be chosen to shepherd a church if they haven’t shown the ability to shepherd their own family.

Jacob continues to be busy with the young people. There is a small group of them who come over every other Wednesday night. Although by the noise they make one wouldn’t think it was small. He plays soccer on a minifield every Monday night with church members. He’s even scored some goals lately. He is trying to catch up on his homeschooling and his Spanish continues to improve at a rapid pace.

Robin is working on her blogs again. You ladies need to follow her writings. She does a great job and is very uplifting in her musings. Here’s one of them: http://roadtoabundance.net/

Our wish list (I thought I would include this here so you would know our needs): $900.00 to pay for Jacob’s trip to the ER when we were in the States (his temp was 105).

May God continue to bless each of you as you seek for and find the will of God for your life – Lowell, Robin and Jacob White

Our phone number: 011-504-9491-6485 (Lowell’s cell) 615-752-2986 (MagicJack number)

Remember to send any contributions to:

Wilkesboro Church of Christ P.O. Box 81 Wilkesboro, NC 28697-0081 Make the check out to Wilkesboro Church of Christ, put Honduras on the “for” line on your check and enclose a note that it’s for the Lowell White family. Also, tell us if its for something particular.

I preached last Sunday and used as my opening text this verse: There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:1 ESV)

P.S. There were over twenty visitors at the most recent Sunday worship. Most were from the Friday night studies.

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Whites Honduras Newsletter January 2011

Bring in the New!

Our new year started off in the States. It was a multipurpose trip and we must say that it was successful on all counts!

  • We enjoyed quality time with children, granddaughters, and family. Our three big kids sacrificed time and money to arrange their schedules to come to NC so we could all be together for a little over a week. The Rawleys opened their home and hearts to us for a ‘home-base’ for which we are very grateful.
  • We experienced precious moments with our church families at Yadkinville, Piedmont, Wilkesboro, and Archdale. We were surrounded by brothers and sisters in the Lord’s family with genuine interest in us and our work here. We were able to tell stories, answer questions, be prayed over and most of all be loved in the Lord.
  • We were blessed by all of you in raising much of the necessary funds to extend our work here in Santa Rosa. We were given the gift of trust and confidence by those of you who are taking an active part monetarily in our work here. We are so humbled and grateful and look forward to being accountable to how this support is used.
  • We loved being in the thick of winter and got to experience the best of snowfalls – more than once! The weather is mild and temperate here in Santa Rosa – we love it but, it was great getting a taste of real winter and at least for a little while seeing God’s beauty in the changing seasons. We even delighted in a day of sledding with all the kids!
  • We were blessed with traveling mercies in every way and we praise God for his love and protection.

The second half of January saw us settling back into our home and the crazy, wonderful busyness of our life here began immediately!

  • Lowell is in the middle of his projects, was able to be a part of 3 great meetings – the first with the local church, then the area-wide congregational planning meeting, and finally the Mission Upreach team and it looks like a wonderful year of the Lord for this area of Occidente!
  • Jacob got right back into his school work, started hanging out with friends – here at the house and of course, futbol (soccer) in the park. Also, youth nights at the church building are every Saturday. A good group came over Wednesday for popcorn and Wii.
  • Our home has had people coming and going and that means the usual for Robin – making them feel at home with coffee, cookies or whatever is on hand. When someone comes to your home you prepare to relax because they’ve come to stay for awhile. The cake she made last Monday came in handy a few times plus she baked cookies for six of the neighborhood girls that came over to spend an afternoon.
  • Then together, we have started painting our extra rooms – a bedroom and a bathroom – anticipating guests! Also, we got to help clean the building Sunday morning – that was very special because two of our older sisters in the church, Olympia 1 and Olympia 2, were there to help and they were an absolute inspiration to be around. Then too, we got to be a part of the medical brigade at La Lima where a church was newly planted. We rode the bus with our teammates and the Honduras translators and the whole day was great. (6:30 am – 5:30 when we finally got home.) A couple of hundred people were seen by doctors. We also attended a three day seminar on “Conflict Resolution” taught by Fernando Nesmyth. It was offered by the church as an outreach to our community.


Lowell’s thoughts: I asked Robin to write the newsletter this month. Sometimes she has a better and/or different perspective on things. This year is going to be a very busy one. The Friday night small groups are starting back up as are the disciples classes on Thursday nights and the Saturday night get-together’s at our house with the newly married couples. There is a medical brigade getting ready to come later this month. I rode a couple of hours away last week with three members of the team to meet with a couple of preachers in the area. It was a difficult meeting but needed to be done. Not all is nice weather and roses unfortunately.

The church in Santa Rosa continues to be an inspiration. We have another good song leader that has joined the team. Jose is one of those guys who can sing bass, tenor or the lead equally well. Another family moved in who are alumni of Baxter Institute. We continue to meet neighbors and are always hopeful that they will soon be brothers and sisters in the church. I go for walks around town and inevitably see members of the church. Two sisters from the church sell whatever fruit is in season out of the back of a truck so I usually buy something from them.

Our prayer is that the Lord will bless each of you in this new year. We could not continue this work without you. And we know that you cannot continue to help us unless you are blessed with prosperity. So, our prayers may be a little selfish but we’ll continue to pray anyway. May 2011 be one of the best years ever. Who knows, it may be the year God tells Jesus, “Its time, go gather them all home.”

Our wish list (I thought I would include this here so you would know our needs): More monthly supporters.

May God continue to bless each of you as you seek for and find the will of God for your life

– Lowell, Robin and Jacob White

Our phone number: 011-504-9491-6485 (Lowell’s cell) 615-752-2986 (MagicJack number)

Remember to send any contributions to:

Wilkesboro Church of Christ

P.O. Box 81

Wilkesboro, NC 28697-0081

Make the check out to Wilkesboro Church of Christ, put Honduras on the “for” line on your check and enclose a note that it’s for the Lowell White family. Also, tell us if its for something particular.

Just be sure you live as God’s people in a way that honors the Good News of Christ. Then if I come and visit you or if I am away from you, I will hear good things about you. I will know that you stand together with the same purpose and that you work together like a team to help others believe the Good News.

(Philippians 1:27 ERV)

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Whites Honduras Newsletter December 2010

It hasn’t even been one year since we moved to Honduras and so much has happened already. It has not been the easiest year of our lives by any means but we look back on it and rejoice that we got to be a part of some great things. At the top of the list is always the joy we experience when we see someone make a decision to follow Christ. The second would be seeing the kids at Casa de Esperanza being taken care of and growing in the love of the Lord. The numbers begin to blur after the top two but seeing the church members in Santa Rosa de Copán grow spiritually has to be up there. Watching brides walk down the aisle and hearing those vows being said has been inspiring in that we can see that there are people who are willing to make these life-changing decisions to follow Jesus in the right way. During the seminar in November we heard preachers discussing the need to build self-supporting churches. It will be a joy to see them as they develop these congregations over the next few years.

One of the last things we were able to attend before we traveled back to the States was the wedding of Elder and Brenda. They are two young people who entered life as one just as God intended. It was a beautiful ceremony and it is a treat to see them sitting together during our worship assemblies. Both are excellent examples to the young people. Pray for them that temptations to be otherwise will be defeated. What they have done is what we are striving for as we encourage young people to remain sexually pure until they enter marriage. It can be done. God desires it and he will give anyone who asks the control it takes to wait. We just have to convince the young people that it is God’s command and He has the power to see them through. This is one of our “missions” during this year of 2011.

We had a great time distributing the Magi boxes we received from Healing Hands International. It takes a tremendous amount of coordination to gather these in the States, get them shipped and have them distributed to different points around the globe. I have no idea how they pull it off but we enjoyed four occasions where we were able to give the boxes to school children and finally to children who attend the congregation in Santa Rosa. The thing I like about this Mission Upreach team is that they make sure that seeds are being planted that will eventually lead these children and their parents to Christ. The places where we distributed the boxes will be targeted in the coming year to have the gospel preached. We may even be able to arrange transportation to get some of these children and their parents to church services. Follow up will be done at the schools to teach classes in values and morals and, of course, will be Bible-based. You can do that here unlike in the USA. (see a video here)

Plans are being made for 2011. The discipleship classes will begin again in February. These are classes held at the church building on Thursday nights to help us learn more about the basic teachings of the Bible. The Friday night classes will begin as well in different homes throughout the city, ours included. Pray that we can get more of our neighbors to attend. Our praise and worship night on Tuesdays has continued throughout the holidays and, of course, Sunday worship assembly continues to be a time to teach and worship. The newly married couples will also be joining us in our home on Saturday nights for lessons on marriage and parenting. We have enjoyed the fellowship during these meetings.

There are plans being made for short-term mission trips in 2011. Already some brigades are lined up to go into the poorer areas of western Honduras with medical and dental supplies and personnel. There will also be some who are giving out glasses. We can’t wait to experience the joy of helping people see again. Each of these brigades will be done so as to lead people to Christ as well. We are not ashamed to let people know these are being done by Christians who would love to see the patients become followers of Jesus. The church is established in the area and will be ready to follow up on anyone expressing interest. There will also be a group of Let’s Start Talking workers in our city. These groups will make good contacts who can be led to Christ and become a part of God’s family.

We have enjoyed being in North Carolina for a couple of weeks of family time. Thanks to all of you who made this possible by helping pay for our tickets here. Although we spent part of the time passing around a virus to 18 of the 21 family members who were here we still managed to have fun, eat plenty of food and shop and open some presents together. We even managed to go bowling as we have for many years (in memory of Jonell, Robin’s Down Syndrome sister who always loved to go). It was hard to say goodbye to the children and our two granddaughters not knowing when we will see them all next but maybe it won’t be too long.

We have a favor to ask. If you plan to continue helping us in 2011, please let us know. If you have contacts who might help support us please send us their address and make contact with them and tell them to be expecting a letter from us. I have put a support letter at the following internet address. http://bit.ly/eTOS9i Please download it and send it to any churches or individuals you know. Every little bit of support makes a difference as we found out this past year.

Our wish list –

More monthly supporters no matter the amount.

May God continue to bless each of you as you seek for and find the will of God for your life
– Lowell, Robin and Jacob White

Remember to send any contributions to:

Wilkesboro Church of Christ

P.O. Box 81

Wilkesboro, NC 28697-0081

Make the check out to Wilkesboro Church of Christ, put Honduras on the “for” line on your check and enclose a note that it’s for the Lowell White family. Also, tell us if its for something particular.





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Three Weddings, Three Happy Couples

One of the things that keeps couples from getting married here in Honduras is the expense the government puts on them to have a legal marriage.  It has developed into a culture of couples living together.  The team of workers here in Santa Rosa de Copán want them to obey the laws of the land as Romans 13:1-5 teaches.  Therefore, they have announced that if three couples or more agree to legalize their marriage the team will foot the bill – which involves legal documents, lawyer fees and a feast following the ceremony.  On October 26, we were able to be a part of the first of these “triple” weddings at the Santa Rosa de Copán Church of Christ.  Here are some pictures from the blessed event:

Selvin & Julia were the youngest couple

Selvin and Julia live just a couple of blocks from us. They always attend our Friday night Bible studies. Both of them are great singers. We are so happy they decided to make this decision.

Jairo & Margarita were the oldest couple

Jairo and Margarita are a quiet couple. Their daughter, Heidi, made friends with us the first time she met us. Her and her brother must be really happy about this.

Jairo, Margarita and their two children

Jairo needed help with his tie

Finishing touches

Lowell with Jairo & Margarita's girl - Heidi

Some of the children from our church

Several of the children kept asking me to take their picture so I got them all in a group. I didn’t want to run out of battery power before the service even began.

Jessica, Heidi and her cousin

The wedding singers

The civil service held by the lawyer

Jorge & Milagro exchanging vows

Jairo places the ring on Margarita's finger

Margarita saying her vows to Jairo

Selvin says his vows to Julia

Julia says her vows to Selvin

Selvin & Julia with her mom

Robin & one of the young girls of the church - Damaris

Everybody lining up for the food

Margarita - one happy bride

How many years has she waited for this day? I think she was the happiest of them all.

Harrison, the photographer; Lowell and Daniel, one of the singers

I don’t know what we were talking about but it sure seems serious.

Jeremias & Karol, part of the team, enjoying the food

Jeremias leads singing and is an actor as well. Karol just puts up with his silliness. They are just recently married and will be good examples for the new couples.

Back in the church bus heading home

It isn’t usually standing room only but a lot of the couples had family with them.

Jonathan, Selvin and Julia's little boy

Ain’t he cute!

Walking the last eight or so blocks to home

That’s Stephania looking at the camera. She is one of our neighbors who is often at our Friday night studies. I found out that one of the girls walking with us is fluent in English. She lived in Texas for seven years. Life here is full of surprises.

Let me close this out by saying I don’t know if people can grasp how important these weddings were. These three couples are rebelling against their own culture.  A culture that has made it “quite all right” to just live together without ever making the commitment to God and each other to live together in holy matrimony all their lives. Can you imagine the impact these weddings will have on not only them but their children and yes, even the whole church?  May God bless us with more couples who will take this all-important step.

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News of Our Move to Santa Rosa de Copan

Robin, Jacob and I just returned from a visit with Phil and Donna Waldron and their two children, Harrison and Laura, in Santa Rosa de Copan in the western part of Honduras.  We are extremely excited about what we saw there and have been praying about an offer that was made to us about joining the work.

The Waldrons spent several successful years in Mexico.  Many people are familiar with the work they did there.  Among other things there were five hundred baptisms during the five years they were a part of that work.  Now they are working with a team of three Honduran couples, a young man, and the church at Santa Rosa de Copan.  They have vision, they have excitement and they have a PLAN!  They are going to plant churches and teach them to plant churches with an emphasis on the six “states” in western Honduras called “Occidente.”  The movement they are beginning may very well continue throughout Honduras.  At least, this is their dream and prayer.

These are not just dreams, though, they have worked together to plan how this will happen.  There is now a strong and active church in Santa Rosa.  We worshiped with them the Sunday we were there.  The church has caught the same vision as the team.  We have not seen a church more excited about what God is going to accomplish than this one is.  The singing at this congregation was the best we’ve heard here in Honduras and was better than many places we’ve attended in the USA.  They are on fire!  There is something going on four or five nights of the week.  They are growing and reaching out to others with the gospel.

We were also able to attend the inauguration of CREO, a school to train men to carry the gospel and the vision back to their home congregations.  Ten men started their two year and three month studies during our visit.  They will attend classes during the week but are expected to return to their home congregation each weekend.  This is done for two reasons – to help the local church but also to encourage the student to return to his home when he graduates.

Phil and I visited one of these local congregations on Sunday.  We met in the front room of someone’s home and it was packed to overflowing.  A year ago there were only a handful of people that met here.  Now the congregation is excited about the possibilities of impacting their community with the gospel.  On one of the Saturdays we also visited another congregation again meeting in the home of one of the members.  Church members from several congregations came to canvas the community and invite people to become a part of this growing church.  There are several of these congregations in existence and I’m sure each has the same excitement I saw at these two.

The following is where we, the Whites, fit into this plan.  Robin and I noticed even before we moved to Honduras what a terrible problem exists here in relation to marriages.  There are very few people married.  The culture has developed into a mentality that living together without marriage is normal.  Men do not want to make the commitment and women don’t expect them to do so.  Infidelity is rampant.  The Waldrons and we understand what an impediment this is to the maturity and growth of the church.  Add to that the promiscuity of the youth and you have a recipe for failure as far as the church is concerned.  Our task, not an easy one, is to begin a program of teaching to change this.  We will concentrate on teaching the church membership but hopefully will branch out to those not yet in the church.  We will teach the sanctity of marriage through the use of preaching, seminars, pre-marital counseling sessions and any other means which proves valuable.  We will begin teaching the youth about abstinence and how it is a means of glorifying God by keeping oneself pure until marriage.

Phil and Donna have already identified a couple of programs that have been successful elsewhere that they believe can be adapted and translated into the Latino context.  Robin and I have read many books on marriage.  We’ve been married for thirty-one years.  We have counseled couples with marriage problems.  We feel we have the experience and knowledge, with the help of the Waldrons, to build several programs that will bring glory to God by changing the minds and hearts of both young and old in Honduras.  We do not presume to think it will be an easy task.  We are daunted by the thought of making it happen and have not made the decision easily because we understand how difficult it will be to change a culture of thinking that has been molded by the world and the evil one who influences it.  But it must be done if the church is going to successfully grow in this country and we believe the Lord will be leading us and supporting us and helping us all along the way.

So, having been given the invitation by the Waldrons and the UPREACH (MISIÓN HACIA ARRIBA) team to spearhead this ministry, we have made the decision to move to Santa Rosa de Copan as soon as we are able.  We need more support.  We need a vehicle.  But most of all we need your prayers to do whatever needs to be done to help people here understand the beauty of pure lives and consecrated marriages.

Some may ask why we are moving so soon (after six months) to a new location.  My answer is that although the work here in Tegucigalpa has been a wonderful learning experience, we believe the work in Santa Rosa fits our gifts, personalities and experiences better because there is:

A Team – A group of missionaries and Hondurans with one goal.
A Vision – A restoration-type movement concentrating on the six states of western Honduras.
A Plan – Plant churches, grow mature Christians who want to plant churches.
An Excitement – Young people and old, new converts and older Christians are filled with excitement.
A Need – Our purpose will be to build Godly marriages and encourage lives of purity to make the churches strong.

May God continue to bless each of you as you seek for and find the will of God for your life,

Lowell, Robin and Jacob White

Our phone number: 011-504-3341-5864

Remember to send any contributions to:

Wilkesboro Church of Christ
P.O. Box 81
Wilkesboro, NC 28697-0081
Make the check out to Wilkesboro Church of Christ, put Honduras on the “for” line on your check and enclose a note that it’s for the Lowell White family.

Bring the full tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. And thereby put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need.       Malachi 3:10

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