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On the Terrace …

…or terraza as the case may be.

Because things got busy as they sometimes tend to do around here I ended up stashing this note in ‘drafts’ and forgot about it. I saw the title and questioned ‘what is that?’ … it was an evening out  with ‘our’ young married couples and it is from way back but it’s worth mentioning and so, I digress to the past – like Saturday May 5th!

For well over a year and half Lowell and I have opened our home to several of the young married couples of the church here.  We’ve read books together, studied great lesson series, watched and participated in the Fireproof movie and lessons, and just had some wonderful fellowship including cook-outs around the campfire and meals around the table. In all, there’s seven couples that have participated. Now to get us all together … that’s a rare occurrence … but each have been  in and out of our home numerous times. Juan Jose and Claudia are neighbors and friends of Juan Jose and Mirty. They  were regulars at church services and our home even before they had become Christians – what a day of rejoicing when they made the decision to be baptized!

So, this Saturday night mentioned above was really very, very special –  we all gathered at the home of Juan Jose and Claudia and they and Juan Jose and Mirty hosted an asado (cook-out) on their terraza! Wow! there’s was some delicious food – chicken, beef and sausages grilled out and the usual ‘sides’ of Honduras – churros (chips), beans, grilled tortillas, and chismol  (fresh salsa). It was so neat to be sitting up on their ‘roof’ and it was the night of the ‘super moon’ with an actual break in the typical cloud coverage so we could see it! We laughed and visited and just had a perfect time – as good friends should and do. One neat thing too is that neighbors were invited that are regular attendees of the Friday night small group that meets in Juan Jose’s and Mirty’s home.

Let me say, this is a good group of folks – they are a valuable part of the church in Santa Rosa. The men are beginning to be active in worship participating in prayers and Lord’s supper and represent the future deacons and elders of the church here. The ladies – four of which have children – are wonderful Mommies and wives – they will be teaching children and ladies in years to come. Each of these couples are getting in on the ‘ground-rules’ of what makes a marriage great and are understanding the hard work, daily, that it takes. The discussions have been thought-provoking and valuable.

I love this family of God!

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Here We Go Again…

Here we go again – another Friday already? Time is just scooting by! Every Friday we gear up for the next 2 evenings. Lowell studies and prepares lessons and Jake and I get house and food ready. Small group gathers on Friday and newly marrieds on Saturday. We love these folks. There’s no way to even count how many times they’ve been in our home over the last year+. They are like family … and they are: the children of God – each of us adopted into His amazing spiritual family.

I don’t want to ‘count my chickens before they’ve hatched’ but we’ve visited with several of our regulars this week and we should have 2 – 3 visitors tonight. And not only that but tomorrow night we are expecting 2 new couples – this is huge – we’ve been inviting this one couple for months and months and now they say they are not only coming but bringing friends! And the guys in our group got together and said they wanted to bring the food tomorrow night! Wow, such wonderful initiative and growth. God is moving among us – His fingerprints are all over the work here in Santa Ana and story after story will become better and better as various ones come to know Him in wonderful ways.

We want to highlight this little family now and ask you to pray for them:

Selvin and Julie have been in our home almost weekly – 2x per week – since the first week we arrived in Santa Rosa (and other odd times just to hang out or come for a real meal). And as they are our nearest church family – neighbors 2 blocks up – we ride the bus together and walk to and from the bus stop week-in and week-out (that is a lot of conversation!) They are both cute as can be and smart as the dickens – they can readily discuss scripture, ideas and new concepts. They are bright and eager to do right. They are the parents of precocious, wonderful Jonathan. Also soon to be parents of another – due in December. It is not unusual for Selvin and Julie to have friends or family along with them either here to our house or to the services at church. Julie is a stay at home wife/mommy. Selvin is a barber – has worked in a barber shop on the main road in town for years (1/2 of his earnings go to the owner). He will open his own shop very soon – it’s located on a side-street but near a popular restaurant so it still gets traffic. Please pray for him as he ventures out on his own. He has a great reputation and a good clientele that will be following him but it is a huge step. Pray for Julie in her pregnancy and future delivery. Pray for Jonathan as he is being raised in the Lord. We are so proud of this precious family – we’re seeing Jesus!

Here is a little slide show from over the last year plus … Selvin and Julie are now ‘legally and scripturally’ married, Jonathan is such a big boy,  Julie is pregnant with #2, and Selvin will soon be owner/proprietor of  own shop! What  a difference a year can make.

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2nd Annual Prayers of Support

Santa Rosa de Copán

A little over a year ago we were really hurting for monthly support – we had made the decision to come over to Santa Rosa from the Santa Ana area and in doing that we gave up the transportation we had and we took a ‘cut’ in salary because … well, our living expenses were a little higher. By December of that year we also took a cut because some of our supporters had ‘signed up’ for only one year. In addition to our own plight, we had become aware of other missionaries who were suffering for lack of funds and even giving up their work because of losing significant amounts of their support. These circumstances prompted our putting on an event via facebook – “Prayers of Support” – and we believe our ministry, and that of many others, was indeed helped because of prayers sent heavenward in our times of need.

We are once again petitioning your help – we are holding what we now refer to as the “2nd Annual Prayers of Support”.

  • It’s timely –
  • it’s needed – and
  • we believe in the power of unified prayers.

There’s been so much trauma and devastation in the world of our brotherhood during this last year – whether natural disasters or unmitigated violence – we have been hurt. Ministries and ministers have suffered. In all that bad, negative, terrible occurrences we have seen the love of Christ being poured out richly and unselfishly by brothers and sisters in Him. There has also been joyful events, stories of conversion, and love exclaimed – just wonderful God-things. Jesus Christ is, surely, alive and well.

  1. For our family we are potentially facing some tough times. Once again our monthly support will be reduced in January. We never have raised the total amount we deemed necessary but we get by. Don’t get us wrong – we don’t suffer, but we do without, and that’s okay – the rewards of our work are plentiful. For anyone that’s interested we can provide a pdf budget of our work.
  2. We need a 4 wheel-drive vehicle. Currently we generally walk almost everywhere – just like most of our Honduran brethren. However, having a vehicle is important because:
  • we could help others in bigger, better ways
  • we could transport various ones to and from our home for weekly classes and studies (our newly marrieds are scattered across the city, same with our young girls involved in sewing classes)
  • we could travel out to neighboring villages and towns as we train leaders in their own family ministries (and take others with us)
  • we could save on our own time and energy
  • we could share the blessing with others as we see fit
  • our ministry will only be enhanced – to God be the glory!

3.  And our prayer requests also include wisdom for the projects we’ve been working on, the implementation of those  ministries from working with newly marrieds to our work with families and the classes we offer in our home.

Of course, prayers are always needed for the week of this event – 2nd Annual Prayers of Support – we hope you will make a concentrated effort to take time to remember us and, not only us, but all other missionaries/servants of the Lord as they seek to work Stateside and in Far Away Lands.

Please join us and spread the word.

As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. (Proverbs 25:25)

For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. (2 Corinthians 4:6-7)

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)

You can go to Road to Honduras  on facebook to read more about donating and also find information about our work with photos to browse through but in the meantime –  here’s a little glimpse from the last year in Santa Rosa.

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March 2011 Newsletter

The newsletter is a little different this month. In order to let you see what we are working on, I am including the latest work that we’ve done with Joshúa here in Santa Rosa de Copán. This is a draft of the kinds of ideas we are coming up with to accomplish what God desires of the families in Honduras.

Construjendo Familias Fuertes (CFF)

Building Strong Families

Goal: Build strong families by preparing young people for future marriage and strengthen existing marriages by helping couples be successful marriage partners and great parents.


Teach youth to prepare for a successful future marriage by abstaining from sexual relations until marriage and teaching them to search for a godly spouse.

Rescue troubled marriages, make good marriages even better and teach new couples how to build a strong marriage.

Develop strong families by teaching parenting skills in order to raise up children who follow God’s way and by developing relational skills to model the life of Jesus for each other.


  1. Youth
    1. Youth who maintain their chastity and purity before God.
    2. Youth who are prepared integrally for their future marriage before God.
  2. Marriage
    1. Couples who are sufficiently prepared emotionally and spiritually for a legal marriage.
    2. Couples who continually better their marriage.
    3. Couples with broken marriages who will commit again to their marriage vows.
  3. Families
    1. Families who model what a Christ-centered family should be.

      Parents who have the skills to bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

      Children who obey their parents in the Lord, respect their elders and honor God.


  1. Youth
    1. Video series on sexual abstinence.
    2. Classes in church gatherings
      1. Chastity
      2. Preparation for marriage
    3. Classes during youth rallies.
    4. Classes for parents to help youth say “no” to sexual pressure.
  2. Marriage
    1. Pre-marital counseling for couples.
    2. Wedding arrangements for couples to wed.
      1. Legal documents
      2. Place for wedding
      3. Reception
    3. Marriage retreats for (legally) married couples.
    4. Marriage conferences to strengthen marriages.
    5. Classes for specific areas of marriage.
      1. Finances
      2. Communication
      3. Parenting
      4. Extended family
      5. Sex – a Gift From God
      6. Following Jesus
      7. Male Spritual Leadership
    6. Retrouvaille program
    7. Divorce Busters (Michelle Weiner Davis program)
  3. Families
    1. S.T.E.P. (for parents of children 6-12 years old.)
      1. For church members
      2. Use as outreach
    2. Family retreats with classes
    3. Sermons
    4. Conferences
    5. Classes

Basic necesities:

  1. Place for private counseling

  2. Place for public teaching

  3. Projector

  4. Drama team

  5. Couples trained to lead or participate in conferences and retreats

  6. Place to hold retreats

  7. Place to hold conferences

Pray for us as we continue to work out the details of each of these and other programs to further the cause of Christ in this country.

– Lowell, Robin and Jacob White

Our phone number: 011-504-9491-6485 (Lowell’s cell) 615-752-2986 (MagicJack number)

Remember to send any contributions to:

Wilkesboro Church of Christ

P.O. Box 81

Wilkesboro, NC 28697-0081

Make the check out to Wilkesboro Church of Christ, put Honduras on the “for” line on your check and enclose a note that it’s for the Lowell White family. Also, tell us if its for something particular.


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Lives of Routine

Here in Santa Rosa, we live a life of routine. Each day has its designated activities and we do what we need to do on that day. Well, that just could be over-stating things a little; it could even be a lie. Okay, I better remedy that by re-stating it completely. Here in Santa Rosa, we live a very busy life.

Sundays in the month of November were excellent. It was mentioned in the October newsletter that Satan is busy attacking good things that are happening. Our attendance has continued to fluctuate and mostly that seems to be due to the cooler weather. Attendance still stays above 150. Also, 2 sisters have been fussing about something that really needs to be resolved. Church leaders have met with them several times. This is affecting 2 family groups of our church. But, on the brighter note, singing is getting better and better. November 14 was full to overflowing and God was glorified in all. The whole church family has embraced our newly marrieds and these men have risen up and taken part in the public assembly. We have a good, strong core group and they usually make it to every function. Sundays are busy and wonderful in Santa Rosa.

Mondays usually start with our staff/team meeting. These can be thrown off or canceled because of people visiting, or others maybe traveling. When we do have our regular meetings they are a time of reflection, planning, review and just overall sharing of our hearts. This was Lowell’s post after our last meeting …”Long meeting this morning with the Mission Upreach team but lots of great things are planned for 2011. Come join us!” We’re serious .. come on down, you will not be sorry. Later in the day on Mondays is sometimes a drama activity for Jacob at the church building and almost always, the men of the church get together for a soccer (futbol) game at 7. The last Monday there was a game, 2 of the young guys came over afterwards and hung out. Last week was cold and rainy so it was canceled.

Tuesdays will usually find Robin and Jake at home but this last month Daniel Isom, who was our intern for 2 months, and Jacob held classes at the bilingual school here. This meant that Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings they were at the school holding basketball clinics as a regular part of their P.E. Program. This was an excellent outreach to the community. Two of the students , Miriam and Randolf Arguelles come almost every Sunday to worship with us. Randolf is in Robin’s class and Miriam is active with the youth and helps with translating when brigades are here. Tuesday nights are our Praise and Petition evenings with the church. They are always uplifting and we’re learning new songs – absolutely beautiful. A couple of times we vary what we do on Tuesdays … like have weddings!

This past Tuesday was the wedding of Lito and Ilodia! We were so very excited. It was an excellent evening and loads of fun. We have been praying for this to happen for a very long time.

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Three Weddings, Three Happy Couples

One of the things that keeps couples from getting married here in Honduras is the expense the government puts on them to have a legal marriage.  It has developed into a culture of couples living together.  The team of workers here in Santa Rosa de Copán want them to obey the laws of the land as Romans 13:1-5 teaches.  Therefore, they have announced that if three couples or more agree to legalize their marriage the team will foot the bill – which involves legal documents, lawyer fees and a feast following the ceremony.  On October 26, we were able to be a part of the first of these “triple” weddings at the Santa Rosa de Copán Church of Christ.  Here are some pictures from the blessed event:

Selvin & Julia were the youngest couple

Selvin and Julia live just a couple of blocks from us. They always attend our Friday night Bible studies. Both of them are great singers. We are so happy they decided to make this decision.

Jairo & Margarita were the oldest couple

Jairo and Margarita are a quiet couple. Their daughter, Heidi, made friends with us the first time she met us. Her and her brother must be really happy about this.

Jairo, Margarita and their two children

Jairo needed help with his tie

Finishing touches

Lowell with Jairo & Margarita's girl - Heidi

Some of the children from our church

Several of the children kept asking me to take their picture so I got them all in a group. I didn’t want to run out of battery power before the service even began.

Jessica, Heidi and her cousin

The wedding singers

The civil service held by the lawyer

Jorge & Milagro exchanging vows

Jairo places the ring on Margarita's finger

Margarita saying her vows to Jairo

Selvin says his vows to Julia

Julia says her vows to Selvin

Selvin & Julia with her mom

Robin & one of the young girls of the church - Damaris

Everybody lining up for the food

Margarita - one happy bride

How many years has she waited for this day? I think she was the happiest of them all.

Harrison, the photographer; Lowell and Daniel, one of the singers

I don’t know what we were talking about but it sure seems serious.

Jeremias & Karol, part of the team, enjoying the food

Jeremias leads singing and is an actor as well. Karol just puts up with his silliness. They are just recently married and will be good examples for the new couples.

Back in the church bus heading home

It isn’t usually standing room only but a lot of the couples had family with them.

Jonathan, Selvin and Julia's little boy

Ain’t he cute!

Walking the last eight or so blocks to home

That’s Stephania looking at the camera. She is one of our neighbors who is often at our Friday night studies. I found out that one of the girls walking with us is fluent in English. She lived in Texas for seven years. Life here is full of surprises.

Let me close this out by saying I don’t know if people can grasp how important these weddings were. These three couples are rebelling against their own culture.  A culture that has made it “quite all right” to just live together without ever making the commitment to God and each other to live together in holy matrimony all their lives. Can you imagine the impact these weddings will have on not only them but their children and yes, even the whole church?  May God bless us with more couples who will take this all-important step.

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